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Indiana | Belgian/German Shepherd | Castaic, CA |In-Training

Let's welcome Mr Indy to our camp, Indy has joined our famous 2 week board and train program.

He is good with people. Dogs make him skittish. He gets very jumpy and hyper; wines and barks.

He is very loving and gentle and he loves to snuggle.

He pulls on his leash, he is known to bolt when he sees his chance, and he jumps fences and doesn't come when called.


Pupdate 09/02/2019

Pupdate 09/03/2019

Indy tree climbing today.


Pupdate 09/04/2019

Pupdate 09/05/2019

Indy is really enjoying the place command.

Pupdate 09/07/2019

Place on rock before load

Pupdate 09/08/2019

Standing proud

Pupdate 09/09/2019

Feeling happy on a monday morning

Pupdate 09/1/2019

A beautiful day at the lake.

Pupdate 09/12/2019

We went to The Grove

Pupdate 09/13/2019

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