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Halo | Boxer | Anaheim, CA | In Training

Welcome Halo, a female Boxer, from Anaheim, CA. Halo is here for our world famous Two-Week Board and Train package. Halo is slow to warm up to some people, but once she gets to know you she is a real lover. Halo does pull on a leash, and isn't great with smaller dogs. Halo has an understanding of basic commands.

Halo getting her first weigh-in. We track food consumption as well as body weight to make sure your pup is staying healthy. Halo weighed in at 61.4 pounds.

We swapped out the collar Halo arrived with with one of ours. Attached is a GPS unit should Halo decide to take off. We can track her in real time on the Google Maps app.


Pupdate 09/28/2020

Fun and games in the back yard.

Halo excelled at all the basic commands today. The heel will come around and I'm certain be very good. Looking to reshape the come and sit command so that Halo ends up on the left side ready to heel each time.


Pupdate 09/29/2020

I think the pictures are backwards in sequence, however the results were the same. Halo did certainly react to the dogs in the park when they approached Halo. It wasn't unmanageable, but not what we would want from Halo. Using the E-Collar I was able to distract Halo in the moment, and allow the other dogs to approach, at which point Halo then realized that nothing was going to happen and she was able to manage herself appropriately. We were there for more than an hour focusing on simply that.


09/30/2020 Pupdate


10/01/2020 Pupdate

With trainer Fentley, Halo worked on place command and send away to place.


Pupdate 10/02/2020


Pupdate 10/03/2020

Place command demonstration

This was the morning walk with Halo. 4.6 miles in total. Lots of dog distractions (did very well), lots of bikes, and of course lots of people.

While the boys were out playing Halo was enjoying some alone time.


Pupdate 10/04/2020

An appropriate bench to practice down on...


Pupdate 10/05/2020

Halo woke up with the raspberry under her jaw this morning. It looks like she had maybe been rubbing it on the kennel floor overnight?? I'm treating with antibiotic save and will keep an eye on it. I don't think it requires a vet visit, but I will take Halo if that is what you want to have happen.

Multiple trips around the mall. Stopped in front of Vans so she can learn to overcome her fear of skateboards. No issues off leash except rather jumpy at first and had to ease her way into walking around.


Pupdate 10/06/2020

News on the raspberry on Halo's chin: I think it was caused from Halo digging in the yard with the boys. They all came back in with dirt on their paws, etc. and my guess is she was trying to get her head into a hole in the backyard. I'll investigate with daylight to make sure. The wound has mostly scabbed and I continue to apply Neosporin. Halo generally licks it off, lol.


Pupdate 10/07/2020


Pupate 10/08/2020

Chin is looking much better after a few days.


Halo Pupdate 10/09/2020

We walked, entirely off leash, about three miles, just like this

Halo did very well responding to all the commands


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