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Gus | Cane Corso | Santa Monica, CA-In training .

The canecorso is a large Italian dog breed that is used as a guardian, and for protection, tracking and as a police dog. Gus is only 5 months old and is already becoming fearful around kids and dogs. We will be doing lots of Socializing.


Pupdate 10/15/2019

Looking handsome on the "place" cot.


Pupdate 10/14/2019


Pupdate 10/16/2019

Socializing with other dogs and people.


Pupdate 10/17/2019


Pupdate 10/18/2019

It was a busy week! I'm exhausted.


Pupdate 10/20/2019

Hanging out at the DogHaus.


Pupdate 10/22/2019

Playtime with my friend Penny



Pupdate 10/24/2019

Staying cool under this giant bonsai 🌳



Pupdate 10/26/19

Enjoying our walk at the AV mall.

Duration down


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