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Gracie | Chihuahua/Whippet Dog Training | Redondo Beach, CA

Gracie, a Chihuahua/Whippet from Redondo Beach, CA recently completed the signature Balanced Canine Training SoCal 3 Week Board & Train program with Balanced Canine Training SoCal dog trainer Jesse Medina. See Gracie's progress below.

In Training:

Gracie is joining us for the next 3 weeks. Some of her behavioral issues are she lounges at other dogs aggressively while on a walk. She is aggressive towards other animals, mom is unable to walk her without her getting overly excited about everything (pulls like crazy and doesn't respond to e-collar when on walks.

Pupdate 09 15 2019

Place command

Pupdate 09 16 2019

My new friend Penny

Pupdate 09/17/2019

Pupdate 09 18 2019

Hiking with my friend Penny.

Pupdate 09 20 2019

Big break through with Gracie today. She's been working hard building trust with multiple dogs. Diablo has been helping me rehabilitate Gracie.

Pupdate 09 22 2019

Off leash heel with 🐕🐩 distractions.

Pupdate 09 24 2019

Well-behaved county dog.

Pupdate 09 26 2019

Pupdate 09/27/2019

Pupdate 09 29 2019

Got to hang out with my mommy this Sunday.

Pupdate 09 30 2019

Socializing from a distance.

pupdate 10 02 2019

West Hollywood dog park.

West Hollywood dog park.

Pupdate 10 04 2019

Pupdate 10 06 2019

Hollywood boulevard, Off Leash Heel.


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