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Finley | WireHaired Pointing Griffon | Rancho Cucamonga CA

Finley​ the ​Wirehaired Pointing Griffon from Rancho Cucamonga, CA went through the OffLeash SoCal Two Week Board & Train Program. Finley was trained by ​Wyatt Harris in Ontario, CA​.

Pupdate 04/05/2020

Finley has joined Off Leash Socal for our one week board and train program and he is thrilled to be here! He is an excited and very curious young Wirehaired Pointing Griffon that will be working heavily on his leash manners, keeping focused and obeying his commands. We're excited to watch him progress.


Pupdate 04/06/2020

Finley took some time getting used to wearing the E-Collar and is learning how it works quickly. We practiced recall and sit today outside after a long walk enjoying the cool, cloudy weather.


Pupdate 04/07/2020

Finley and Kylo out on our pack walk today taking advantage of the break in the rain with a nice long walk. Finley definitely started out trying to pull my arm off on our first walk but with the help of the E-Collar he is learning to slow his pace down to follow my lead. They enjoyed some puppy play time together after working hard.


Pupdate 04/08/2020

Out working hard today on learning the place command. Finley is expected to sit or lay down on this pet cot until he hears his release command "Break". As Finley gets better at the command we can increase distance and duration.


Pupdate 04/09/2020

Finley showing off his place skills on a higher spot. It took some practice getting him up there and some confidence building but he made it eventually. Proud of his progress.


Pupdate 04/10/2020

Out practicing heel today. Finley does a good job at matching my speed and sticking close to my leg without pulling away from me. We have been practicing walking with the leash tucked into my pocket so I make little to no hand corrections. We even got off leash for a while today. Great progress from Finley.


Pupdate 04/11/2020

Off leash on our walk today enjoying the return of the sunshine. Finley listens to me off leash and is able to push past light distractions on our walks but I keep the E-collar handy for small corrections.


Pupdate 04/12/2020

Off Leash heeling for a long walk today ending with some elevated place practice. Finley has springs in those legs and can jump really high if he's motivated.


Pupdate 04/13/2020


Pupdate 04/14/2020

Walking around the neighborhood some.more off leash today. Finley is great off leash but everyday on our one of the paths we walk , we pass by a dog that hits the fence and barks pretty loudly at us distracting him. He is getting better at ignoring the dog with practice. Great progress from Finley overall.


Pupdate 04/15/2020

Two mustache having pups enjoying walking by some sprinklers on a nice sunny day. Finley has made a new friend during his training, Jax!


Pupdate 04/16/2020

Finley on our walk. He doesn't care much for going potty on fire hydrants but he has been doing a good job at holding his potty throughout the entire night.


Pupdate 04/17/2020

Finely and Kylo out enjoying some well deserved playtime after a long training session. These guys love to get all their extra energy out together by running around this open field. Finley has been impressing me with his off leash command response.


Pupdate 04/18/2020

Working on door manners with every door we pass. Finely has been practicing sitting and waiting to be invited through rather than bulldozing through.

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