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Belgian Malinois - Dog Training | Dredd | Hacienda Heights, CA

Dredd, a Belgian Malinois from Hacienda Heights, CA went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 3 Week Board & Train dog training program. Dredd was trained by dog trainer Wyatt Harris in Ontario, CA

Dredd has settled in well at my home. He is having a blast with all his new doggie friends.


Pupdate 10/30/2020

Dredd loves being surrounded by all his lady friends. He even has an admirer, Remi the Dutch Shepherd.


Pupdate 10/31/2020

Happy Halloween!


Pupdate 10/01/2020

Dredds first day with me went very smoothly. He is being extremely receptive to the E-Collar and was able to understand how it works hand in hand while teaching him commands. He worked up quite the appetite after training and ate his food quickly.


Pupdate 11/02/2020

Dredd learning the "Place" command today. Teaching him to sit and hold the command until he is released with "Break". Upon releasing him, I award him with extra praise and petting marking the good behavior and rewarding him for successfully completing his command. We then begin increasing distance from him and adding duration to make things more challenging.


Pupdate 11/03/2020

Out practicing the "Heel" command. Learning to watch me and match my pace, not pulling on the leash. Through use of the E-Collar Dredd is learning quickly.


Pupdate 11/04/2020

Dredd out on our evening walk. We practiced more of the Heel command for some miles today teaching him to match my pace and keep an eye on me. He is improving on ignoring distractions we pass on our walks too.


Pupdate 11/05/2020

Teaching Dredd how to walk on a leash without pulling ahead or getting distracted. Working heavily on hard left turns and pace changes teaching him to focus on me and do what I do rather than be in charge of the walk by pulling and leading me.


Pupdate 11/06/2020

Working on place around other pups! Dredd is working on his control around distractions like other dogs.


Pupdate 11/07/2020


Pupdate 11/08/2020

Worked a lot on practicing commands while other dog distractions. Dredd is doing good at ignoring the other dogs and staying focused. He weighed in on the high end of 61 this evening!.


Pupdate 11/09/2020


Pupdate 11/10/2020

Dredd showing off some confidence by working his elevated place. Jumping up and balancing without trying to lean on me was a challenge at first but he is getting a little more independent.


Pupdate 11/11/2020

Some off leash heeling on the track today. Great job Dredd!


Pupdate 11/12/2020

Dredd doing some off leash heel around my neighborhood this evening. Still requires some E-Collar correction to keep him focused but doing a better job!


Pupdate 11/13/2020

Out working on a busy street today. Dredd reacts to loud cars and motorcycles but is generally not phased by most cars passing by.


Pupdate 11/14/2020

Teaching Dredd the Load up command. Showing him how to wait patiently before being directed to load into the car rather than just jumping in it at will.


Pupdate 11/15/2020

Dredd out doing some off leash obedience at the park today. Practicing holding his place command on an elevated location around light distractions.


Pupdate 11/16/2020

Dredd out on our walk today. He get very nervous when the street sweeper came by and his first reaction was to run from it. I had to use E-Collar and leash pressure to keep him calm.


Pupdate 11/17/2020


Pupdate 11/18/2020


Pupdate 11/19/2020

Dredd out alongside Leo one of his partners in training after a long walk.


Pupdate 11/20/2020

Some early morning training and filming with Dredd. He is ready to get home and practice some of the new found manners he has been learning with his family.


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