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Dodger | German Shepherd | Lynwood, CA | In-Training

Dodger, a 9 month old German Shepherd, has joined Offleash Socal for our 2 Week board and train program. This handsome boy is very energetic and loves attention. He tends to pee when overly excited and pulls on the leash when going for a walk. over the 2 weeks Dodger will be working on his obedience and loose leash walking, as well as leaning how to be calm and relaxed. Check in to see Dodger's progress.


Pupdate 3/09/2020

Today Dodger and I went to the park to work on his obedience. We practiced come, sit, and place. For not being crate trained, he is very well behaved when in the crate. He doesn't make a sound our try to get out. Socializing with my dogs is a work in progress. He is a bit fearful and don't sure how to act around them. All of them at once is a bit too much for him so I have him only around my German Shepherd. He comes up to smell her but runs away if she tries to come up to him. Tonight was the first time he actually tried to play with her. Slowly i'll start introducing more of my pack, once Dodger gets more comfortable.


Pupdate 3/10/2020

Today Dodger did some work in the rain. We went back to the park and practiced more obedience commands. Dodger learned to place on a picnic table. We also worked on his loose leash walking. He is doing a lot better now, hardly pulling on the leash.


Pupdate 3/11/2020

Today we took advantage of the sunny day and did some work out in public. I took Dodger and his buddy Oliver to a restaurant to practice the place command, as well as the duration down command. Dodger did pretty good! He stayed on his bed the entire time. He did bark at a few people and pee because he was excited and wanted attention. He is doing awesome with the heel command (loose leash heeling). We need to work on him not being skittish and he will be ready to start working off leash.


Pupdate 3/12/2020

Today Dodger wasn't feeling to well. He had some diarrhea, not sure if it's from the change of weather or may because he is still a bit nervous, but i'll be keeping an eye on it. We stayed home and worked on commands inside the house. I had him practice a lot of the place command, to teach him to relax and be calm when inside the house. in the picture you see he has a fence around him, that's because Dodger is still a bit timid and unsure of the little dogs. The little ones tend to be nosey and try to be all over him, which is too much for him. He isn't aggressive, he doesn't bark or bite, he just tries to run away from them. My goal is for him to be out playing with all the dogs together.


Pupdate 3/13/2020

Heeling at Lowe's


Pupdate 3/14/2020

Back again Lowe's to stay out of the rain. dodger is doing pretty good out in public. He doesn't try to pull me to see other people and get attention. he stays right at my side. Greeting people is still work in progress. He still does the excited pee and breaks the sit command when people come up to him. He does bark when seeing other dogs but we will keep working on it. Today he actually socialized and played with one of my little dogs. He had a blast running around the yard chasing each other!


Pupdate 3/15/2020

Today we to the Whittwood Shopping center to work around distractions. Dodger did pretty good until we walked into PetSmart. He barked at some dogs in the dogs in the store, but I corrected him and made him sit and calmly watch the dogs walk by.


Pupdate 3/16/2020

Yay! Dodger has officially become off leash. He did such a great job walking off leash next to me. We walked by someone walking her 2 dogs; Dodger ignored them and stayed right at my side.


Pupdate 3/17/2020

Dodger doing a great job offleash! Today we went to the Whittier Greenway Trail to practice commands with some distractions.


Pupdate 3/18/2020


Pupdate 3/19/2020

Today we went to a school to have some fun and let Dodger run around off leash. He had a blast! We some distance recall, which he is doing an amazing job at. At the end of the video I thought he was going to lay me out but luckily he ran through my legs.


Pupdate 3/20/2020


Pupdate 3/21/2020

Last day of doggie bootcamp for Dodger. Today we just relaxed and had some fun. Dodger has done such an amazing job with his training! He can't wait to show you all he has learned.


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