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Dax| German Shepherd| 6 Months Old| In Training

Pupdate 5/3/2020

Dax is a playful dude with lots of energy who loves to bark and jump up on folks. We've got on a short walk today around the neighborhood to introduce the E-Collar, and we made a new friend! He barked a lot at first, but once he was able to sniff him he started bowing playfully and waiting for the other pup to play back. He needs a little work with manners while playing with other dogs, but he did well. We'll be working on come, sit and down tonight!


Pupdate 05/03/2020


Pupdate 5/4/2020

Big smile during our morning walk! He's catching on to loose leash walking quickly, and auto sitting when I come to a stop. We've also been working on correcting the jumping he loves to do, and started working on door manners every time we pass a threshold. He gets a little stubborn about wanting to stay put once he sees the door opening, but he's getting better at holding a sit and waiting to be released to go outside.



Pupdate 5/5/2020

Working on our leash manners with a friend this morning! Dax woke up bright and early with me and practiced sitting patiently while I watered some plants, and then we went for a walk with just the two of us. When we got back, he had breakfast and we played with a tug toy in the backyard for while. After that, we went for a walk before it started to get too warm, and practiced staying in heel even when another dog is nearby. Today we'll be practicing our duration sits and downs inside, along with introducing our place command!



Pupdate 5/6/2020

Tired boy plopped down by the water dish in the shade after our morning walk. Today we worked on holding place indoors, and had a yummy Kong treat afterwards. It's starting to cool down a bit, so we're going to go for a walk around the neighborhood soon to practice our heel more!



Pupdate 5/7/2020

Today Dax and I worked on a bit of everything, with some new distractions and on a short lead. At the park, we worked on sitting nicely while people walk by without barking at them, and adding more distance and duration to our basic commands. We also practiced our distance down and made some progress with that. Towards the end of our time at the park dax brought the tennis ball back to the cot, and when he dropped it a little puppy tooth came out with it.



Pupdate 5/8/2020

Today Dax and I woke up early to get a nice walk in before the heat kicked in. He's gotten much better at coming back to heel when he starts to walk ahead, and leaving things he wants to pick up off the ground. We also practiced some door manners too. This evening we'll be working on our off leash heel around the neighborhood.



Pupdate 5/9/2020

Practicing our impulse control with one of our favorite toys to tug with! He loved to try jumping up to grab it from my hand his first couple days here. This morning we worked on our basics around this toy, and leaving it when prompted. He's been a little bit more "chewy" today so I'm keeping frozen Kong's handy for him to chew on to help soothe the teething.



Pupdate 5/10/2020

Working on our skills at the park! We practiced all of our basics off leash, and worked on holding a down while people walk by without reacting and he did well! A group of people stopped walking to ask a few questions about him and he barked once and then sat for the rest of the conversation.




Today we worked around the neighborhood and a surrounding park, focusing on holding commands around people, and not reacting to people walking by. His manners playing with my dog have gotten a lot better, along with his jumping up, but we still need some work with that when he's really excited.



Pupdate 5/14/2020

From our walk this morning. We've been taking it pretty easy today, he's doing good though. Upbeat and playful like always. Today on our evening walk we'll head to a local park to work on our basics around people.




Pupdate 5/16/2020

Dax during our morning training session before it started warming up. We worked on our commands off leash around the neighborhood and inside. He had his meds this morning, and this evening with food, and we're about to go for another walk.

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