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Darcy | Moyen Poodle | Los Angeles, CA

Darcy, a Moyen Poodle from Los Angeles, CA. Darcy recently competed our OffLeash SoCal 2 Week Board & Train program with trainer Oliver Dunn. See Darcy's progress below.

In Training:

This is Darcy! She's a cute little gal with lots of energy. She loves jumping up on house guests, and doesn't like to listen if treats aren't involved. Darcy's here for our two week board and train.

Pupdate 9/16/2019

We introduced the Ecollar today! She was a little confused by the stimulation at first, but caught on to Sit & Place quickly. She ate breakfast, but only nibbled on dinner tonight.

Pupdate 9/18/2019

This morning we went on a nice walk and practiced heel. After it cooled down, we went on another walk and practiced sit, down and place with a longer duration.

Pupdate 9/20/2019 Practicing our heel at the Home Depot tonight! She did great, got a little distracted with people walking by, but refocused quickly.

Pupdate 09/21/2019

Pupdate 9/22/2019

We did our entire evening walk off leash today, and worked on holding commands with distractions.

Pupdate 9/24/2019

Practicing down! She's been doing well at holding commands, even with distractions.

Pupdate 9/26/2019

Practicing down! Today we worked on our door manners, and not jumping on guests that came through the front door.

Pupdate 9/28/2019

Practicing leave it

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