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Dakota | Golden Retriever | Santa Monica, Ca - In Training

Dakota is a 16 month old Golden retriever who is here for our 2 week board & train. Dakota is great with people and dogs but can tend to get overly excited when first meeting them. Though she knows all of her commands, Dakota can be distracted by moving objects in public and can complete commands but needs help with ignoring distractions. Dakota has lots of trouble on leash and will strongly pull her owners until she gets tired. We can’t wait to show you her progress in mannerisms and overall obedience!


pupdate #2


pupdate #3


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pupdate #7

Puppy socialization

Dakota knocked over her breakfast and did not end up finishing it all


pupdate #8


pupdate #9


pupdate #10


pupdate #11


pupdate #12


pupdate #13

Dakota joined me for brunch this morning!


pupdate #14

Dakota has been working great in public with distractions so today when we got home we worked on her duration commands off leash while my personal dog was also off leash practicing commands


pupdate #15


pupdate #16

Dakota is loving the sun this week and doing amazing everywhere we go. Everyone wants to touch her and call her toward them and she does amazing and hold command until given her release command


pupdate #17


pupdate #18

Dakota worked on all commands today at multiple locations including chick fil a !


pupdate #19


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