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Daisy | 1 year old | Golden Retriever-Siberian Husky Mix | Yorba Linda, CA | In Training

Update #13

Back at the park seeing how much distractions we can come across. Daisy is managing just well with not approaching random people when being called upon. Great discipline!


Update #12

Love watching how fast Daisy loves to go from a ”Place“ to “Load” from a distance. She has some great aim!

Update #11

Lovely Daisy holding her position on a “Down” while Geese and Ducks walk by! Great bearing Daisy!


Update #10

Getting some “Heel” training in with some extra commands in Lows.


Update #9

Being such a great outside, we’re taking all of Daisys training to Lows in the garden section and inside where there’s lots of people and big loud objects moving around. This will test her obedience to not jump on anyone and to have the confidence no matter what’s around her.


Update #8

Learning to “Sit” at the door and wait patently to hear the command “Come” to go through.


Update #7

At a park during Memorial day enjoying a beautiful view with lots of distractions. Here she’s “Placing” on a bench Looking so pretty!


Update #6

Daisy learning how to properly “Load“ straight into her kennel with no issues! Making these commands look pretty easy.


Update #5

She has more confidence now getting onto any object when I give her the command “Place”. She managed to figure out to sit on this rock so perfectly!


Update #4


Update #3

Out in the park today exposing all sorts of distractions with her new commands. She’s certainly displaying a perfect “Sit” being so patient. Great job beautiful!


Update #2


Update #1

Daisy is such a beautiful pup and she has what it takes to learn the new commands during her training. The concerns with her is that she loves to pull on the leash and jumps on people to greet them. We’ll be going over her new manners and testing them out in the public as we move through training sessions. She’s going to be learning besides her brother that’s also with us for training! I’m really happy to start this journey with them!


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