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Copy of Mila | Siberian Husky | Pasadena, CA | In-Training

This is Mila, a 13 month old Siberian Husky from Pasadena. Mila is a very sweet pup who is very affectionate and loving. She is here for our three week board and train program as she tends to pull on the leash, jump on people, does not stay in one place, and selective hearing. Over the next three weeks, Mila will learn basic and advanced commands that are fundamental to transform from good to great! Keep checking her pupdates to see her pawsome transformation!

Big boop on the head from Mila

The way that she dips in whole nose in the water bowl cracks me up!

I can tell the other training dog, a Pomsky named Dexter, and Mila are going to be very good friends!


PUPDATE 5/10/2021


PUPDATE 5/11/2021


PUPDATE: 5/12/21

Mila today was a little shy when I met her today, which is totally normal, I’m a new face with a new environment. I made sure she was super comfortable with her blanket and her baby elephant. I took her to the park where she met an old friend, one of the staff from a daycare she‘s been to back home! She was soo excited to see her, and even better to know that she will be training along side her and Dexter too! She adapted quick, and has met a new pup face named Dixie. Mila hasn’t yet used the restroom but she did eat all of her lunch and dinner. I’d say the day ended nice and easy, and comfortable! Tune in for tomorrow’s Adventure!


PUPDATE: 5/13/21

Today Mila worked on some confidence building at the park. She did great with her recall, it’ was better than yesterday’s, and her heel command is becoming a lot cleaner! We are still working on her duration down, place, and sit, everyday is a work in progress! over the next few weeks Mila will soon understand commands, and will also be off leash! Mila had a chance to see Dexter, and was happy to get a quick play session in before the day ended! Glad to see her open up and that she’s comfortable, stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate!


PUPDATE: 5/14/21

Mila had a great day today, she enjoyed the city streets on the morning walk, especially because it was cool out! We worked on her confidence building by climbing onto a playground set! At first she was super unsure, but with the right support and motivation Mila shook off her doubt and climbed onto the toy set! Great job Mila! later on in the day we worked on her duration down, and her recall command, while her friend Dixie was on place. [another dog in training] Mila ate all of her meals and has had healthy stool! Tune in tomorrow, for the next adventure!! (Video coming soon!)


PUPDAT: 5/15/21

Mila had an easy day, she’s starting to get familiar with our walks and is Getting better with her heel command. She had a-little play time with Dixie and enjoyed having a girls day before Dixie goes home! Tune back in tomorrow for more fun !!


PUPDATE: 5/16/21

Today Mila went on a nice hike, the weather was perfect, and cool. The nature provided so many distractions and it was a great way to work on her (OFF) command. OFF is a comma we use to let the dog know, “that’s not your job,” it can be used to stop jumping, keep her off of furniture, keep her out of objects, and regain her attention if she is fixating on something. She understood quickly, squirrels are our friend, and it’s okay to look, and smell!

later on in the day we worked on some recall and duration place around the house, her recall is getting a lot better and we are still working on the duration of her place/down command. Check in tomorrow for the next Pupdate!!


Pupdate: 5/17/21

Today Mila and I went to the LA tar pits and worked on her commands around small distractions. She did so good at her Duration sit, she’s starting to understand sit means stay seated until told to get up! She is still wiggly with her recall and her down, but as long as it is better than yesterday’s , it’s progress, so we will take it!! Tomorrow I’m going to really start challenging her so we can work towards being OFF Leash!! ( Video coming soon, to a screen near you!!) stay tuned!!


Pupdate 5/18/21

Miss Mila has got the commands down, and will be training with less amount of leash!! We are still working towards her being Off Leash!! She did so well with her commands today, even with some other pup’s in training as a distraction, Dublin the Lab, and Lucy the Golden doodle! Today’s wiggles were a lot more controlled than yesterday’s and her walk has become a lot tighter! Her stool has been healthy and she is getting better with her food manners. Mila is on her way to improvement, and has achieved so much so far! There’s no stopping her now! She’s on the move! Keep a look out for tomorrow’s Pupdate!!


Pupdate: 5/19/21

Mila is doing so well, she officially ready to train off leash! She’s improved so much and is ready to explore the world. By being off leash she will also learn how to gain confidence in herself. come back soon to see Mila’s pawgress!


PUPDATE: 5/20/21

Mila did so well off leash today! I gave her soo much love and special treats back from our adventure. Mila did great with her commands with distractions while off leash! Her eye contact lets me know she’s checking in for the next command, she’s also staying close to my leg on heel making sure she’s within the “bubble”, and she’s doing great with her duration commands!! Go Mila Go! Tune in for tomorrows fun!


PUPDATE: 5/21/20

Mila has definitely turned into a City Girl! She got the walk, she’s got the talk, and she working it all throughout the city, and is letting the whole world know about it! We started our day off driving by Rodeo Drive were we did some window shopping, we couldn’t find what we needed so we went over to Americana plaza instead! She was able to showcase her skills and learn new ones!! Mila is improving her skills more, which is also giving her more confidence! Check back soon to see where this city girl ends up next !!


PUPDAT 5/22/21


PUPDATE 5/23/21

Mila and her best bud Brody went on a nice hike to catch the sunrise and ended the day with a different route hike to catch the sunset! She is working more on her under and place to place command, somethings she gets her place (on top) command mixed up with her, under (on the bottom) command. but everyday is a still a work in progress!! She is doing great at building confidence and being a great example for Brody too!! Mila has achieved so much, and has come so far since day 1! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!


PUPDATE 5/24/21

Mila today worked a lot on the (under) and (place) command. I really want to help her understand the difference between the two and to help her build her confidence. We went by the duck pond , and then the skatepark to get some good distractions. She’s doing great with her under but we are still working towards the duration of under! She is still doing excellent on her other commands and now has a new tasks to work on! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!


PUPDATE: 5/25/21

Mila did well meeting new people and allowing them to work with her. Today we had new trainers working along side of us, and Mila was a great example to showcase, and she did wonderful! We then went by Starbucks to hang out on the patio and work on public duration downs. She’s doing amazing!! Keep and eye out for a sneak peek of her final video! (Coming soon to a screen near you!)


PUPDATE: 5/26/21

Mila had a great day at the Block in the city of Orange. She did great with her commands and her confidence! She got plenty compliments and was very friendly about it! Mila is a very sweet girl, and very smart! I’m so happy and proud of her accomplishment! Good girl Mila! Come back for tomorrow’s fun you won’t want to miss it !!


PUPDATE: 5/27/21

Mila is such a star!! She has got the basic commands down and is so good at listening. She checks in well, and is ready for the next direction. She is such a happy girl and is ready to learn more, she‘s almost ran me out of commands to teach!! Stay tuned for Mila’s final days!!!


PUPDATE: 5/28/21

Mila had so much fun today! We got to explore the grove, the duck pond, and the city streets this Friday was great! She did great with her off leash commands durning high distractions today! And along side her best pal, was even more challenging and she did it!! Good job Mila!


PUPDATE: 5/29/21

Mila had a great Last day, I’m definitely going to miss having her around! She has mastered all basic commands and has gained soo much confidence along the way! Since day one Mila had intentions on understanding basic obedience, and she has done exactly that! Great job Mila!!


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