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Copy of Brody | Golden Retriever | LongBeach, CA | In-Training

Meet Brody, a 1 1/2 year Golden Retriever from LongBeach, ca. He is a very sweet boy, and full of life. Brody is here for our two week Board and Train program, because he has bit of leash aggression, he pulls while on leash, and also he has selective hearing. In these next few weeks Brody will be working toward learning basic obedience, manners, all while off leash! Check in daily to see his progress!


Pupdate : 5/16/21

Today Brody and I spent time to get to know each other, I want to make sure he is super comfortable and happy during his stay. When we got back to my place, he seen another pup In training named Mila. They haven‘t interacted just yet, but their kennels are right next to each other, something tells me they are going to be great friends and roommates! Once I put Brody’s blanket in the kennel with him, he quickly adapted to his spot. Over the next couple weeks he’s going to have soo much fun, and will learn obedience along the way! stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate!!


Pupdate: 5/17/21

Today was a good 1st day for Brody. Last night he slept well, and woke up ready for todays adventure! We worked on the basic commands and started introducing the E-collar with the commands given so he can understand where and what job needs to be done. He picked up quickly, and is already good with his heel. Everyday day is a work in progress!! Come back tomorrow to-check in on the Pupdate to see more fun!!


Pupdate: 5/18/21

Fun Fact: Brody loves sticks!! Brody had so much fun today getting to meet some other pups in training! It’s his 2nd day he is starting to adapt to his recall pretty quickly, that’s a good sign. Today must have been a good day for Brody because he also decided he was able to load the car by himself!! This is a great achievement, he was nervous about kennels Before, and now this shows that he’s more confident, and comfortable! Stay tuned to see more of his improvement!


Pupdate: 5/19/21

Brody is doing very well with learning his commands We are still working towards building his confidence and teaching him the Importance of eye contact. Brody has gotten better about reacting while on leash, but will still need more correction as time goes on, to help regain and focus his attention. He’s hardly pulling on his walks and he willingly goes into the kennel on his own, I Love to see improvement, go Brody! Tomorrow should be exciting, check back in to see his Pupdate “pawgress”!!


Pupdate: 5/20/21

Brody had such a nice time at the Irvine Spectrum center today! He definitely knows what to do what that camera comes out! He did so well with his recalls and his duration place! He is starting to get the hang of the commands and what they mean, he did pretty good for it to be his 5th day and in public, that’s huge! Tune in tomorrow to see where his journey will take him!



Brody is a good boy! He did so well with his commands throughout the Americana Plaza! He is still pulling a bit when he gets distracted, and we are working on his eye contact. He is good with his duration commands even in public with some distractions! He’s getting so much better at his recall and I’d say he’s already on his way to training off leash soon! He has definitely gained some confidence since day one and is on his way to gaining more! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!


Pupdate: 5/22/21

Brody did a great job working on his duration commands with Mila working around him. He‘s getting better with his walk. Although he still does like to pull a bit, and because we are further in the week, I’m going to switch up his collar and see if it helps. Brody is doing great and eating well. We went on a nice walk throughout the city, and stopped by a busy park, he’s really enjoying our trips! Fun fact about Brody, he loves to sleep on his back, super cute!! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun!


Pupdate 5/23/21

Brody had a long Day, we hiked to catch the sunrise and back to catch the sunset! We focused on his heel command and his recall off leash, he‘s definitely gotten better with his recall. And his heel command is better than yesterday’s. Brody knows how to heel, because he is easliy distracted he tends to drift off out of the “bubble” for a bit. With more walks, scheduled in the next few days he will fix that in no time!! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s activities!


Pupdate 5/24/21

Brody is coming along well, and he’s on his way to bring off leash! He’s doing great with his recall, and he’s getting the hang of how right and close his heel command should be. we Went by the duck pond and boy was he ready to chase all the birds and squirrel, but he didn’t he did great at observing and watching! stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun !


Pupdate 5/25/21

Today Brody worked with a new trainee, and he did so well listening to the commands she was giving him! He did an amazing job with his heel command today, and he was soo good about just observing the squirrels! I’d say Brody has came a long way on his self control. I think its time to put Brody to the test and challenge him in more busy distraction places! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s journey !


Pupdate: 5/26/21

Brody had so much fun getting to go to the Outlets in the city of Orange! He did so good with working with a new trainee I couldn’t be more happier with Brody‘s accomplishments I’m starting to see a change in Brody’s confidence, and it looks good on him!! Comeback tomorrow for more fun!


Pupdate: 5/27/21

Brody today did soo good with all his commands! I’d say he has accomplished so much since day one, and I couldn’t be more proud! He is now confident of the kennel, and al the basic commands, and he did a great job learning and gaining those skills! Good job Brody! Be on the look Out for Brody‘s final video comming soon!


Pupdate 5/28/21

Brody Had such a fun day today, on his last Friday with me! We went on a nice morning walk, and then went through the grove and did great off leash! We also went by the duck pond where he was soo happy to observe all the ducks and birds go by! He is such a good boy, and has learned so much! I’d say Brody has achieved a lot and will stick to it, with proper guidance! Video coming soon! Stay tuned!


Pupdate: 5/29/21

Sneak peak is here!! Brody has been such a good boy during his training! He’s learned so much, and has gained great confidence! He is ready to show the world his new skills, and obedience. Brodys pawgress has improved so much, it had definitely made him one happy boy! Keep up the good work Brody!


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