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Codi | 4 Month Old | Labrador Pit Bull Mix | Fontana, CA

This is Codi she is a 4 month old Labrador Pit Bull mix from Fontana, CA. She is here with Off-Leash for a 3-Week Puppy Board and Train program to learn basic obedience, play manners, furniture/table manners, and to stop nipping/whining to get attention. She is a spunky, happy,, and super sweet girl! I can't wait to see how much she is going to learn over the next 3 weeks!


Pupdate 06/07/2020

The baby girl is making herself right at home! She did get a bit car sick on the way over like Mom and Dad predicted but she got as soon as we got back from pick-up and she proceeded to zoomie all over the backyard taking in the new smells, checking out the toys, and popping back to me to get pets. She is such a sweetheart and I am so excited to see how she is going to grow over the next few weeks!


Pupdate 06/08/2020

Baby girl Codi has successfully made it through her first 24 hours of training! She slept all the way through her first night in the kennel with out any potty breaks! She has a healthy appetite eating all three cups today with a voracity. She is still getting used to being in the kennel throughout the day, but that is completely normal! She did pretty awesome in her first lesson, she is very food motivated and I used her lunch as her motivation. She got introduced to her Come, Sit, and Place commands as well as a little bit of foundation for following me. She is one happy girl!


Pupdate 06/09/2020

This girl got to meet her temporary big brother Nico today! She is definitely wary of the big boy but warming up to him. She begs him to play, but quickly gets overwhelmed and flips on her belly. He is super patient with her always giving her some space when she gets scared. She is very appropriate when she is trying to get him to engage with her. We also worked on some Sit's with her food throughout the day. She is settling in very well!


Pupdate 06/10/2020

Little mamma Codi is getting a bit more confident by the day! She's really getting into playing with Nico during her play sessions and working through her stubbornness about the lead. As she comes out of her shell she is showing that she is pretty reactive to new things/people barking/raising her hackles, which I can't wait to get to work her through. She is geting used to the kennel, still eating well, and generally having a blast!


Pupdate 06/11/2020

Miss Codi got to meet my other trainee Benji today. While is isn't actually that much older than her and still very puppy he is a lot bigger! Codi was very fearful of him at first, he can be pretty over enthusiastic., so they needed quite a bit of supervision. While Benji is a big sweet heart he does move really fast which set miss Codi off the first few times. However after about ten or so minutes she started to want to play with him. They were still kept on leads so that she could retreat from him with out being followed when she got overwhelmed. Our lessons today were pretty similar to yesterdays, lots of Come and SIt. She is a sharp girl!


Pupdate 06/12/2020

Codi made a new friend named Rosie today and they are the best of friends now! She played really well with Rosie and Nico together. She got a little stiff a few times in the beginning, due to being a little overwhelmed, but eventually was having the time of her life with the two of them! She worked for all three of her meals today. I have a video of our dinner session. She has now learned the fundamentals to all of her commands besides Heel. She is a quick learner and is getting more and more confident everyday! She even conquered the A-Frame today which she was initially very wary of.


Pupdate 06/13/2020

Miss Codi worked on getting some distance/duration with her Place command in her lesson today. She is one sharp girl! She is working hard for all her meals and starting to get her "go potty" command. She is struggling a bit with her "kennel" command. I don't blame her, I'd want to be outside playing with my friends too! She is eating well, sleeping well, and having all kinds of fun! She played with Nico and Rosie again today. she get's more confident with them every time they play!


Pupdate 06/14/2020

Codi worked primarily on her leash manners today. We practiced a bit at home, took a long nap, and then worked with distractions at a mostly deserted shopping center! She started off a bit loose and was super distracted by the strangers walking around, but improved quickly and made a ton of progress. She is such a happy girl, always smiling and wagging her tail! She has come a long way in her first week and I can't wait to see how sharp she is going to be after the next two!


Pupdate 06/15/2020

This girl is doing so well! I am astonished at how much she retains every time I pull her out! She is so motivated and coming along great. We worked on a little bit of everything today. Her sit has come so far and she is starting to even do it at a distance and in response to distractions like strangers!


Pupdate 06/16/2020

Codi practiced her Heel at the park today. It was very loud, new and distracting for her! It was pretty difficult for her to focus on me but made a ton of progress! She was quite scared each time a car, person, skate boarder, or new dog passed by but got got quicker and quicker about disengaging from each and continuing to do her commands. Her car sickness seems to be getting better, she has only gotten car sick 1 out of 6 car rides over the last few days. She is eating, sleeping. and kenneling well. All in all she is doing good!


Pupdate 06/17/2020

Miss Codi Showing off all her skills! We worked on a bit of everything at a small shopping center. Codi was pretty overwhelmed by all the new sights at first but did awesome! She practiced her Placing, Heeling, Sit's, and Down's. She isn't a fan of being in a down in public yet, a lot of nervous pups aren't. She is still eating, sleeping, and potty-ing awesome!


Pupdate 06//18/2020

Codi bear went to the duck park today and did awesome! She Heeled all over the place like a champ and is getting less reactive to new people/things/dogs every time I take her out! She has all of the basics down and the next week is all teaching her to do them in different situations and to different extremes. Proud of this little momma!


Pupdate 06/19/2020

Miss Codi showing off all her skills at the park! We worked on a bit of everything with a focus on her Heel with distractions. There were a lot of Squirrels roaming about that Codi wanted to chase after but she utilized her impulse control and stayed in her obedience!


Pupdate 06/20/2020

Miss Codi perfecting her Place command today! She is a very happy social girl and today at the park there were a couple different groups of kids playing different sports that were incredibly fascinating to the big girl. She still worked like a champ though! This girl is going to be so excited to show off all her skills to her parents next weekend!


Pupdate 06/21/2020

Codi thought all my fathers day jokes were hilarious! She is coming along great, she went to a shopping center this morning and practiced a little bit of everything. I am trying to expose her to as many different spots as I can before she heads home! She is still a bit wary of new things/dogs/people/places but she gets acclimated a bit faster with each lesson!


Pupdate 06/22/2020

Codi working on a bit of everything at a park! I love how she is getting a little less reactive to new things each time I take her out! Today she managed to Sit next to me calmly while bikes, other dogs, and people went by. Every so often she would get a little excited or vocal but compared to 2 weeks ago she is a whole new pup!


Pupdate 06/23/2020

Codi worked through her fear of skateboarders today! The first time we went to this park she didn't want to get anywhere near them, wanting to bolt away anytime there was too much noise or movement. Today we practiced Sit's and Down's right at the gate! She is doing absolutely awesome. We also did a session right outside the dog park to work on her reactivity with other pups and she did her Sit's and Down"s with enthusiasm there too! Overall she is doing really great. I am so proud of all the progress she is making everyday!


Pupdate 06/24/2020

Codi is looking sharp! She worked on a bit of everything a the the high school by my house today. She is going to be ready to do her final video pretty soon!


Pupdate 06/25/2020

Codi did a few lessons today, practicing everything she needs to know for her final video. She is going to be missed when she goes home! She is one smart spunky girl. We got several compliments on her behavior from passersby today and she was loving it. She gets so smiley and tail waggy anytime someone compliments her!


Pupdate 06/26/2020

Codi worked hard on her final video today! We still have a few sections to work on tomorrow, but this pup is almost ready to go home and show off for mom and dad! She had her second to last pre-bed play session with Mr. Nico, they sure are going to miss each other! She came such a far way with him, starting off skittish and running away anytime he played back to happily leaping into the tumble every opportunity she gets! She has been such a fun pup to work with. I love seeing her figure new things out and smile proudly when she does something well. She is such a special girl!


Pupdate 06/27/2020

Codi got to meet a new friend named Rufus today! It was her turn to be the confident one since he was pretty shy! She had to be told to back down a little here and there since he was a little overwhelmed by her size, but she was awesome with him. She is all packed up and ready to go home in the morning!


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