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Coco| Doberman Pincher| Long Beach, CA| In-Training

Meet Coco, a 7 month old Doberman Pincher from Long Beach, California! She is here because she loves to jumps a lot, pulls a lot on walks and needs to learn basic obedience. Coco is very friendly, playful, and super sweet! She is here for our 2 week board and train program! Stay tuned for Coco’s two week transformation!


Pupdate 10/10/21

Today Coco and I spent this morning getting to know one another while taking a few walks around the neighborhood. This afternoon we went to a park nearby and started working on Place, Down and Heel! She did really well and is such a goofy girl!


Pupdate 10/11/21

Today Coco and I went to a quiet park and worked on teaching all of her basic commands! She did really great for her first real training day. We first worked on her Down due to her not being extremely confident in learning this command. After a short time of repeating it she picked up the command in no time! Then we worked on Place which again spooked her, which is totally understandable but we made it into a game and she eventually loved getting on Place! Her Heel is really good and she understands that pulling is not allowed! After working for a bit we went home and relaxed around the house while she slept! Good job Coco on your training!


Pupdate 10/12/21

Today Coco and I went to the Mall and worked on exposure to new surroundings! Since she can be a bit skeptical of new environments, its crucial for Coco and I to go out and practice in different locations! While we were there, we worked on Heel, Place, Down and Come! She is a very smart pup who is super eager to learn and excel at new things! She did extremely well while at the mall and wasn’t too phased by the sounds and smells! Good work Coco!


Pupdate 10/13/21

Today Coco and I started with a morning hour walk where we worked on Heel, Down, Come and Sit! Coco’s Heel has become super sharp and she is very focused on me and where my body is, which is super awesome because that shows that she is paying attention to me! We also went to the Mall to work on exposure with environments so she isn’t so nervous in new areas! She did really great and wasn’t too fazed by it! Once we got home, we worked on Door Manners and being respectful when leaving the house and not rushing out the door! Since Coco is still young, she gets excited when we leave the house to work. So we spend probably 30 -40 minutes practicing staying calm and relaxed! She picked it up very quickly and performed beautifully! Coco is doing really great and is making awesome progress!


Pupdate 10/14/21

Today Coco and I went to Venice Beach and worked on Heel, Down, Sit and Place! I have noticed that she is extremely fearful of skateboards, bicycles, and loud objects. So we ended up practicing her duration down while people road by. This was a little bit more of a challenge for Coco but we stuck with it and she eventually just relaxed and wasn’t too phased by the noise! In the video you will see me put Coco back into a down after she broke the command because its really important that even if something is startling or scary to her, she has to follow and remain in the command given at the time. After I put her back into a down she relaxed quickly and we continued on working. Afterwards we went home and worked on Place and Down while I did cleaning around the house. Coco remained calm and ended up falling asleep while I did my work! Good job Coco!


Pupdate 10/15/21

Today Coco and I went on an hour walk to work on Down, Heel, Come, and Place. I love starting the morning with a walk because it helps set the tone for the rest of the day! She was really good this morning and performed her commands really well! We also worked on Place and Down throughout the day at home. In the afternoon we went to Janns Marketplace and worked on Heel, Place, Down and Come. Coco was a bit uneasy due to the high wind during our session but managed to work past it and finished really strong! Good work today Coco!


Pupdate 10/16/21

Today Coco and I started with an hour walk around the neighborhood to start the morning. During our walk we worked on Heel, Down, Come, Sit and Place. She has gotten really sharp at Heel, Place, and Come! We are still working on Coco’s fear of loud noises which end up causing her to break her duration Down. So with that being her big issue, I decided to take her to Lowes where I knew there would be loud trolleys, lifts, and carts rolling by constantly. We ended up staying there for roughly an hour and practicing primarily on Duration Down and Sit! At first she was extremely jumpy at the far sound of wheels rolling by, so we ended up starting in a quiet isle to help her get in a calmer mindset before bringing her into the main building. After 20 minutes we moved into the main building and I placed her in a down. She broke her command maybe 4 times at the beginning but I was super consistent on putting her right back into the Down command until she remained calm! Once she stayed calm and became relaxed I would immediately Break her and give lots of praise for her good and calm behavior! After working at Lowes for an hour, we went home and I let her hang around the house while we watched a movie. She ended up passing out on a Place cot and slept for an hour! Baby steps today but making great progress on Coco’s fear of loud noises! Good girl Coco!


Today Coco and I went to Northridge Mall to work on mostly Duration Down while crowds walked by due to her fear of noises and crowds. She did pretty good and only got up once due to a kid coming up behind her and touching her. Once I put her back into her down she remained relaxed and staying there for 10-15 minutes! After we got home from the mall, we practiced Door Manners and Place while I did some house cleaning. Later on in the afternoon we went to Home Depot to work on some of her sound fears and trying to help her desensitized to loud noises. Coco wasn’t a huge fan but listened and performed pretty well! Then we ended the day with an hour walk and worked mainly on Heel, Come, and Down. Good work today Coco!


Pupdate 10/18/21

Today Coco and I started the morning an early walk to work on Come, Heel, Place and Duration Down. She is getting really sharp with her commands and were not mostly working on her exposure to sounds and loud noises! Later in the day we went to Ventura Harbor and practiced her commands offleash to help strengthen her reliability with each command. She was such a good girl during out session and even got to play with another trainers dog while we were there! Good work today Coco!


Pupdate 10/19/21

Today Coco and I started our morning with an hour walk to work on Offleash Heel, Down, Come and Place. This morning she was super sharp with all of her commands and really amped up! During the afternoon I decided to take her to Santa Monica Pier primarily to work on Duration Down while crowds of people walked by to help her with desensitization. She was pretty good and is making good progress!


Pupdate 10/20/21

Today we started the morning with an early hour walk where we primarily worked on consistency with offleash Heel and Duration Down. She did great while on our walk and stayed focused! Afterwards we went to Valencia Town Mall and worked primarily on Duration Down while people walked by and she did awesome! Later on we practiced more Door Manners and Place while my other dogs were hanging around! Great progress today!


Pupdate 10/21/21

Today Coco and I started out morning with an early walk to work on Offleash Heel, Duration Down and Come. She was really good while on our walk! Later on we went to Hollywood Blvd to push Coco on her commands in a very high distraction place! She did surprisingly well due to fear of loud noises and crowds. I did notice that the longer we trained, the more spooked/fearful of noises she became. This is super important to remember when she goes home because it means that getting training sessions should be kept short to get the best out of Coco. When we got home, we practiced more Door Manners while I got some cleaning done. Good job Coco!


Pupdate 10/22/21

Today Coco and I started this morning with a morning training session where we worked on Offleash Heel, Duration Down and Come! She has gotten super sharp with her Come and Heel! Later in the afternoon we went back to Hollywood Blvd to keep exposing her to loud noises and crowds of people! She was a lot calmer today and performed really well! When we got home we worked on Place and Door Manners! Good work Coco!


Pupdate 10/23/21

Today Coco and I went to Venice and worked on putting all of her commands to the test! We worked on Offleash Heel, Duration Down, Place, and Come! She was such a good girl and was very calm the whole time which is super awesome! Desensitizing is something that I highly recommend continuing once she is back home! The more places she explores the more calm she will be as she grows up! She is so excited to show off her new skills tomorrow!


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