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Chewy | Maltipoo | Avalon, CA~In Training

Chewy will be camping with us for the next 14 days. He is a young high-energetic pup that loves to bark at everyone that goes by the house through the living room windows. Mom is worried because he pulls while on walks and jumps on her so intensely, that he almost causes her to fall.


Stay cool here at Home Depot, practicing my obedience off leash.


Chewy loves to cuddle.


Off leash extended down command.


Enjoying a day at the park off leash


Chewy is learning how to follow commands while being off leash. Here is a demonstration of him jumping on a place object.

Chewy is now going to jump up (load up) in to my vehicle.

Chewy learning "sit" on place object.


Chewy working hard on multiple place objects.


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