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Chaz | German Shepherd | Long Beach, CA | In-Training

Chaz, a two year old German Shepherd, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and train program. Chaz is a smart boy that knows most of his obedience commands but lacks following if distracted. He is under socialized with people and dogs. Over the next two weeks Chaz will be working on his off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 9/12/2021

Chaz has settled in at my home. He is a bit standoff-ish with my pack and will growl if they come to him, but is okay if he approaches them. I expected this with his lack of socialization. I know he will come around and be more social while he is here.


Pupdate 9/13/2021

Today I introduced and conditioned Chaz to the Ecollar. I took him to the park to work on his obedience commands. We practiced sit, down, heel, and place. Heel is still a work in progress, but he is staying by my side and being more focused on me than trying to sniff the ground. Place is a command where Chaz must sit or lay on an object. This command is great for building confidence as well as teaching Chaz to be calm and relaxed. This morning we had an incident where Chaz attacked Kaya for going by his dog food bowl. He didn’t draw any blood but he did pin her down. i had his leash attached to him so I was able to pull Chaz off of her. Right after, they went back to normal like nothing happened.


Pupdate 9/14/2021

Today I tried working with Chaz in his obedience commands. He is a bit tougher to train than his sister, due to him being dominant and independent. He knows his commands, but want to obey or listen on his own terms. As you can see in the video, he will listen when he wants to, but is reactive to the correction when he doesn’t want to listen.


Pupdate 9/15/2021

In this video you will see numbers pop up. These are points I want you see and for me to explain to you what Chaz is doing. He knows his commands very well and you can see parts in this video of Chaz obeying immediately, but you also see when he is being dominant and defiant.

#1- Chaz is wearing a muzzle since he is still being reactive (snapping, growling). I'm sorry, I know you can really hear him in the video.

#2- This is him starting to resist and trying not to finish the command. Chaz knows he is suppose to come around and sit on my left, but he tries to stop and sit behind me. I correct him on the collar until he gets up and sits at my side. You can see his tail wag, this is not a happy wag. Even though you can't hear it, Chaz is growling as well.

#3- Here you see me pushing Chaz off of me. Stepping on my feet, leaning on me, being pushy is a sign of dominance.

#4- Chaz does well the people walking by. He looks but doesn't break command. He doesn't bark or try to go towards them.

#5- You can see Chaz sit behind me instead of beside me. This is also him being defiant and trying not to follow through with the command.

#6- Here you can't see it in the video, but there is a horse walking by while Chaz is doing the place command. He did very well. You can see he was interested but did not react and stayed in his command.

#7- I gave Chaz his break command. He runs up to get his physical praise from me, but turns around growls because I touched his back end. I give him a correction he stops, turns back, and lets me continue petting.

I hope this helps give you a little more insight on what Chaz is displaying with me. Over the remainder of his time with me, hopefully his behavior will change and he becomes more submissive so we can work towards Chaz being able to be off leash.


Pupdate 9/16/2021

Today Chaz and I went to Lowe’s to start working on his obedience around distractions. We also worked without the muzzle today. He was pretty good. He was a bit distracted at first and still growled if corrected but very little. He was okay around some people but others he would watch and growl.


Pupdate 9/17/2021

Today Chaz and I practiced his commands at home. He still wants to be be defiant at times, but we’ll keep working on it. The one thing he won’t put up a fight with is fetching. I think I got worn out before he did. Chaz doesn’t really care to socialize with my dog, but is getting better at being around her without his hackles going up.


Pupdate 9/18/2021

Today I took Chaz and Kaya to the park to work on their commands together. They did pretty well. I was able to have them heel beside me without holding onto their leashes. Chaz was reactive to a dog that we were walking by. Kaya behaved and didn’t join in on the barking or lunging.


Pupdate 9/19/2021

Today I took Chaz to a local shopping center to work on his commands around distractions. He’s not at the same pace as Kaya. He is still not able to be off leash. The snapping and growling is lessening, but he still wants to be defiant and do what he wants. Chaz did pretty good with people distractions. He ignored people walking by, teenagers rolling around on their skateboards, but growled at a small child.


Pupdate 9/20/2021

Chaz working on his obedience at The Citadel Outlets. He did very good with all the people distractions going on around him. He even did well with dog distractions. Chaz only reacted once to a dog that was barking at him. He does well with heeling without me having to hold onto the leash, but he still wants to resist doing come to sit. He is still snappy and growls when upset, but it’s getting better each day. Hopefully Chaz can cut that out and start being more responsive to my commands so he can be off leash!


Pupdate 9/21/2021

Today I took Kaya and Chaz to Huntington Beach to work on their obedience around high distractions. It was the US Open for surfing today, so there were a lot of people, dogs, and distractions around. Chaz did well at observing everything going on around him without reacting. We did have some resistance with following commands, being snappy and growling. He was reactive to the a little reactive to the puppy, that you see walking by him, in the picture, but when corrected Chaz stopped. He did very well with a stranger coming up to us that wanted to greet him and his sister. He polite and even licked the man’s hand.


Pupdate 9/22/2021

Today Chaz and I worked on his commands at home. He’s getting better each day, being a little less defiant, but still gives an attitude.


Pupdate 9/23/2021

Today I took Chaz to a local dog park to work on commands around dog distractions. He did good with ignoring the dogs on the other side of the fence that were playing (Of course when I go to film everyone in the park ends up leaving). Chaz did lung towards a little dog that was barking at him on the other side of the fence, but once I corrected him he stopped. Since everyone left, i took Chaz inside the park to see how he would do with all the smells. He didnt really care. Chaz was more interested in playing fetch, so I used the opportunity to have him practice his commands and when he obeyed he got to fetch his toy.


Pupdate 9/24/2021

Today I took Chaz and Kaya to Irvine Spectrum to work on their obedience commands together. There were a ton a people with their dogs. Chaz did great, even better than his sister, ignoring all dogs we walked by.


Pupdate 9/25/2021

Today Chaz and I went to Fashion Island to work on his obedience around high distractions. He did an awesome job today! He didn’t react to any dogs, even the ones that tried to run up to him. He was very responsive and focused. Chaz was happy to show off his favorite to, carrying it while we walked around. A few people came up to greet him and was very respectful, sat patiently while they pet him. I am very proud of him and the progress he has made! He can’t wait to go home and show you everything he has learned!


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