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Charlie | Labrador | Long Beach, CA | In-Training

Meet Charlie girl! She is a one year old Labrador from Long Beach, California. She is a very sweet and happy girl but she jumps on strangers, nips at her human siblings, and pulls on walks. She is here with us for a our One Week Board and Train Program to learn some manners in the house and how to focus in public. Stay tuned for her 7 day transformation!


Pupate 04/04/2021

Miss Charlie got acquainted with her new surroundings and even got to make friends with another pup named Nico! She was a bit stiff with him at first, raising her hackles a little, and being a little intimidated. However, with enough time and him being instructed to give her space when she needed it they became fast friends! They ran around the backyard until tired and hung out together in the shade! She is having quite a bit of anxiety in the kennel, but nothing too extreme or out of the ordinary, I am sure she will get used to the structure here in no time!

Miss Charlie is all settled in! She was pretty loud in the kennel at first but is learning to calm herself down and relax when she is in there. She is having a blast sprinting around the backyard with Nico. I am so excited for her first full day of training tomorrow!


Pupdate 04/05/2021

Miss Charlie had a great first day!! She slept nicely in the kennel all night, was a happy peppy girl in the morning, and has been having a blast all day! We started with all of her E-Collar conditioning and introduction to all of the commands this morning at the park. It did get a little warm and we were doing all kinds of new stuff, so she took a super long nap when we got home! Her biggest win today was how far she came in her Heel command! By the end of the lesson not only was she getting used to taking direction with the E-Collar, but wasn't needing any leash direction to stick by my side at all! She is a bit of a velcro pup so we introduced some more duration/distance to her stationary commands today as well. She did a bunch of practice with "Place" (Get on an object and stay there, in this case an elevated dog bed) in the backyard in her afternoon session. Then she got rewarded with playtime with Mr. Nico which amounted to several dozen laps around the backyard and needing a lot of water to rehydrate! She is still having a bit of anxiety in the middle of the day in the kennel, she is mostly just wanting to be apart of things. Where her kennel is placed and how den like it is are critical to making her feel safe and off duty in there!


Pupdate 04/06/2021

Miss Charlie really had to up her game today!! She had to show off all her new skills at the outdoor mall! She was set up for success by starting off the whole trip coming out of her kennel in a calm controlled manner, it did take a few minutes for her to calm down enough to be let out as she was so excited. Once she sat calmly in the kennel and didn't try to bust out the second the door was open we stayed in a tight Heel all the way into the mall, doing turns, stopping and sitting, and even back tracking a bit anytime she got overwhelmed or too excited. She had to stay calm when several other pups were in sight and that was incredibly difficult for her as she wanted to play more than anything in the world! She did maintain all of her commands, even when a little dog passed just a few feet from us. She did her little anxiety dance of shifting her feet a bit and whining some, but I was able to get a duration Sit with quite a bit of eye contact from her which is a great start particularly for day 2. She also got a whole handful of compliments from passersby whose eyes got 3 times wider once I told them it was only her second full day of training.


Pupdate 04/06/2021

I am so amazing at how much progress miss Charlie makes every lesson! Today we went to Home Depot and she was looking so sharp! She practiced all of her commands without needing any extra leash tension, did some confidence building, and got a bunch of compliments. She was so tired after we got home that everyone in my zoom class could hear her snores! Her stool is a tiny bit loose, this is pretty common among dogs who have anxiety in public, but I am keeping a close eye on her!


Pupdate 04/08/2021

We went to the Duck park today to have miss Charlie work through a bunch of animal distractions! She did so great! I am so proud of how much progress she makes every session. She is still an excitable nervous nelly, but is gaining more and more confidence outdoors everyday. We also did a park session with another trainer and worked her through working around new and unfamiliar pups. She had a little difficulty in the first few minutes but quickly fell into all her commands!



Miss Charlie filmed her final video today!! She is such a great girl and it has been a blast to train her! She has learned so much and come such a long way in her 7 days with us. She is going to be so proud to show off her new skills on Sunday! Her loose stool did end up being a bit of diarrhea throughout today, nothing super concerning (color, smell, etc. unalarming). However I switched her over to some chicken and rice to give her tummy a break!


Pupdate 04/10/2021

Miss Charlie is all packed up and ready to head home!! We filmed some tutorials to send her off with today! She is going to be so missed!


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