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Charlie | Doberman Pinscher | Corona, CA | In Training

Welcoming in Charlie to the 2 week board and train program. Charlie is a 5 month old Doberman who has to work on all of his fundamental commands. We are aiming to improve his on and off leash manners. We will be working on socialization with other dogs for him as well. Very excited to watch him progress.


Pupdate 12/28/20

Out working on all the general commands today. Charlie is extremely on alert of everything going on around us on our walk and multiple times started to pull very hard in a random direction to chase after whatever got his attention. We worked on fixing that while practicing he heel command and also practicing the sit command which he can be very stubborn when it comes to completing.


Pupdate 12/29/2020

Charlie out on our walk today. We put a lot of miles on practicing the heel command. We also put a lot of time into the sit command which is very tough for Charlie at the moment. He will not sit down or even think about sitting without using my hand to push down on his bottom to show him what I'm asking. We're hoping to improve this to the point where he will sit on command without physical assistance or E-Collar correction.


Pupdate 12/30/2020

Charlie was learning the place command today but is having some trouble. He resists jumping on the cott at first but gives up and will stand on it eventually however it requires heavy leash pressure to get him on. This comes from his lack of confidence. The second problem is the sit command. Charlie really doesn't want to sit but will if we guide him by using our hand to press down on his bottom. Once he finally stops resisting and actually sits down, this is when we praise him big time and reward for completing the command finally.


Pupdate 12/31/2020

Charlie out practicing the heel command around another dog. Charlie basically requires constant correction at this point to keep him focused otherwise he will run off to smell whatever catches his attention or begin to pull. Charlie is not progressing at a typical pace for where most dogs are at on day 5. He is still requiring the use of my handto press down on his bottom to complete the sit command and the same goes for the down command. Will be spending the new year at home having a relaxing night.


Pupdate 01/01/21

Charlie heeling on a track. I used a wall to keep Charlie in place and we walked for some miles so he got used to staying. He is still trying to stray so constant use of his training cost is important at this stage for home to really set a boundary for him and hold him accountable.


Pupdate 01/02/2021

Out on our walk passing by Charlies enemy ( an English bulldog who barks at us as we pass his fence) and he did a great job and not reacting as much. He requires a lot of attention during these situations to guide him through with use of the E-Collar.


Pupdate 01/03/21

Today we practiced all of the commands. He is beginning to be more receptive to the sit command but still requires to be asked several times and use the E-Collar.


Pupdate 01/04/21

Today we went to a local school and practiced the heel command by doing figure 8s through poles. After weaving for some time Charlie begins to kind of get the idea but still is pulling and requires to be controlled by the leash and use the E-Collar. We finish by practicing the sit command more which he will do after being asked to multiple times. It is crucial we hold him accountable and make him follow through the command when we ask him. Letting him ignore us shows him he doesn't need to do anything we say.


Pupdate 01/05/21

Today we spent an extensive amount of time practicing completing the down command. Since Charlie has been being extremely stubborn with fighting doing his command we practiced non stop until he finally started to understand I wouldn't leave him Lone until he started laying down and holding it.


Pupdate 01/06/21

Working on the load up command more. Charlie is still requiring a bit off assistance lifting him up to get into the car because he is not quite confident enough to jump up on his own.


Pupdate 01/07/2021

Charlie stayed off leash with me during a walk around a local neither and he did okay. He didn't try to run away much but he was jumping around and was having trouble holding the heel command with any distractions around him. We have made a big improvement on the sitting with out being assisted by hand department.


Pupdate 01/08/21

Out working the weave poles off leash. Charlie is practicing following my lead as I weave around each of the poles. He has trouble understanding but begins to get it after lots of practice.


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