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Cashew | Doberman Pinscher | Azusa, CA | In Training

Welcoming Cashew to the Off Leash family! She is joining us for our famous two week board and train program to learn some fundamental commands. Cashew is a little bit of a nervous nelly around new people and other dogs. We will be working on her obedience, teaching her to follow commands given, leash manners and getting her some needed socialization. We're excited to watch her progress these next two weeks.


Pupdate 10/12/2020

Cashew spent the afternoon learning how to walk on the leash without pulling. I have been teaching her to follow my lead by matching my pace and my directional changes. Doing so teaches her to focus on me and keep checking in so she doesn't walk to far ahead or miss a change in direction.


Pupdate 10/13/2020

Cashew out on our walk this evening. She is making big improvements on not pulling the leash. She is still pretty nervous so I can see her shaking when she performs some commands but she's slowly realizing that I'm not asking much of her and we are trying to make training extra fun for her!


Pupdate 10/14/2020


Pupdate 10/15/2020

Cashew out enjoying our evening walk as the sun is going down and so is the temperature. She is doing much better at not pulling though gets a little freaked out when we walk passed houses where some dogs will come hit the fence barking at us. She is slowly learning to keep on walking and just ignore them.


Pupdate 10/16/2020

Maybelle staying at a steady 50lbs even after all her hard work. She is getting better at the place command but still is very uncomfortable in the sit position. I notice that she begins to shake at the back legs pretty intensely when trying to hold a sit which she won't do without the assistance of a hand. She wants to stand back up quickly indicating it is an uncomfortable position for her to be in for duration. Big progress in the Heel department as she is no longer pulling at all on the leash and checks in with me consistently for how fast we should be walking.


Pupdate 10/17/2020

Having Cashew work on her commands around my dog Kylo. She is timid around other pups and when they try to play with her she is a little bit skeptical. She has been warming up to Kylo after some time being around him and is getting more comfortable with play.


Pupdate 10/18/2020

More work along side Kylo today. With every day she gets more comfortable around him. She is very nervous to hold a command around another dog still and it shows with her shakey legs.


Pupdate 10/19/2020

Cashew out doing some off leash practice on the track this morning. She gets very nervous around runners, bikers or anyone going by us too quickly but without those distractions she is nailing her heel command.


Pupdate 10/20/2020

Nervous nelly over here holding a place and down command on a raised spot. She is very shakey while laying down up here but getting her to hold it proving that though she is uncomfortable she is pushing passed her comfort zone. Great job Cashew!


Pupdate 10/21/2020


Pupdate 10/22/2020

Cashew has been eating all of her food lately. She works up quite the appetite during our training sessions. The last few days I have seen so much more tail wagging from her she is much happier to work and less afraid of things around her. She still gets very nervous around the gate leading into my house when it opens and closes so I have been showing her there is nothing to be afraid of and after some repetitions she begins to not react so strongly to it.


Pupdate 10/23/2020

Doing some off leash heel! Very impressed with Cashew today as we walked by a gate where a very loud English bulldog hit the fence to bark at us, she was able to hold her command and keep on heeling.


Pupdate 10/24/2020

Working on more off leash heel today along with a trip to a new park where we practiced weaving through cones around light distractions.



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