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Camilla | 3 months old | Husky | Whittier, CA | In Training

Update #4

I’m super proud of Camilla’s progress! She’s so on point with her commands, being so quick to respond! Also her dog distraction training is getting better and better!


Update #3

Getting some park distractions in today with people, dogs, and kids. Shes doing such a great job holding her sit with such a obedience posture!


Update #2

This girl is catching on very fast with her new commands! This here is “Place” on a cot where she‘ll jump on and sit. You can use this command for her to sit on anything. It’s all about the confidence building for a dog to this. Super proud of you girl!


Update #1

Meet Camilla, she’s here for our 2 week board and train program! Super energetic and happy. Gets along with all people and dogs. Her owners would like for her energy to be channeled towards learning new commands and to be more obedience. She for sure has lots of potential to learn fast! Loving the drive she has. Stay tuned for the next two weeks to see her progress!


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