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Bruno | 1 year old | Goldendoodle | LA, California | In Training

Update #5

Working on that door manners. When he sees the front door open, it doesn’t mean to just run out by himself. Or when people are coming in, doesn’t meant to jump on them to greet them. He had this down quick! Great job buddy!


Update #4

We practiced his “Heeling”, keeping it nice and tight to the hip. Having him learn not to pull on the leash while more distractions by other dogs walking by and loud noises happening. He did great during this part of the session!! Very well deserved break time.


Update #3

Today’s session was great with dog distractions. Having Bruno “Sit” for about a good min while my dog and I play acting as distraction. With having the ball thrown around and lots of barking, Bruno didn’t move a muscle. Totally obedient to the command. Great job dude!


Update #2

“Place” command is what Bruno is doing In this picture. He learned this command really fast! Made me super proud of him! He’s a quick learner for sure. Now on to distraction work!


Update #1

Bruno joined our 2 week board and train to learn our 7 commands and to be more obedient. He’s such a loving sweet pup. Loves to loung and smile a lot. Loves to play for sure! Major concerns from the owner is that he loves to pull on the leash and jump on people when it comes to greeting for the first time. Stay tuned for the next two weeks to see his progress!

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