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Bronx | English Bulldog Dog Training | Canoga Park, CA

Mr. Bronx, an English Bull Dog from Canoga Park, CA, went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train Dog Training Program. Bronx was trained by Sheena Chavez in LaHabra, CA.

Bronx is joining us for our 2 week Board and Train Program. He is 2 years old and loves to cuddle and give lots of kisses. His parents would like to control his over excitable energy with people and dogs causing him to pull on the leash

Mr. Bronx love this dog cot so much he never wants to get off

Here we have Bronx learning his place command. He needs to learn how to place onto an object and sit holding his command until released

Working on door manners, I can’t get very far without him trying to run in/outside but we are already making progress

Bronx is learning how to come and sit directly to my left on command. Having the little dog walk around is helping Bronx with his distractions.

Bronx is practicing his place skills on different objects, although he doesn’t look very happy to be sitting by himself

Bronx is working on holding his sitting position not only when I walk away but also for an extended period of time. He's getting better each day

He does not seem very happy to be posing in front of flowers..

He’d rather not be looking at the camera

Here we have Bronx loose leash heeling. He’s doing very good!

Bronx loves his evening outings

Bronx took a trip to an amusement park to practice his place holding skills with distractions

Funny thing about this picture, Bronx had no idea his "roommate" was behind him

This pup loves to play! (even though he's technically not a puppy any more)

His new favorite place is the beach, plus he gets so much attention everywhere we go for being a handsome boy

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