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Bowie | Australian Shepherd | Pacific Palisades, CA | In-Training

Meet Bowie the year old Australian Shepherd. He is here for our Two Week Board and Train program. He‘s with us to get a handle of his greeting manners, barking and making sure he listens to his basic commands. He’s a sweet dog with a ton of energy and happy disposition. We look forward to tapping into his potential. Keep an eye out for his 14-day transformation! ________________________________________ Pupdate 10/31/2021

Today was introduction day for Bowie. A day spent getting to know his new surroundings. He is was very happy to be in a new environment. He whined a little but got over it quickly. I’m letting him soak it all in today. The next 13 days will be filled with making him SHINE!!!

Pupdate 11/1/2021

Day 1 is in the books. Bowie did amazingly well. He is a super smart pup with the energy to back it up. What less can you expect from an Australian Shepherd? He is picking things up really well and I expect nothing short of an amazing transformation. Good exercise coupled with solid training keeps this pups energy levels low. Continue to watch how he progresses!

Pupdate 11/2/2021

Bowie and I hit Recreation Park in Long Beach. There were plenty of dog and squirrel distractions for him today. The dogs did cause him to lose a little focus from time to time, but he always dialed things back in. He is improving with each training session. He loves our walks and play sessions. I will keep tapping into his potential to get him Off Leash ready!

Pupdate 11/3/2021

This was Bowie’s first time training in a public shopping center. He got excited with the different sights and sounds, but was still able to regain his composure after some distractions. With a dog like Bowie these types of training challenges will only make him a better dog than he already is. Keep an eye out as we tighten up what he has learned so far and get to more stimulating training locations. It was a great overall training session today!

Pupdate 11/4/2021

Today Bowie and I hit 2nd & PCH in Long Beach. It was nice to get him back in a shopping center. He has learned a lot in 5 days, but I will continue to make things clearer for him so he becomes sharper. I found out today that he is a little wary of water fountains. So today I helped build his confidence by even just getting two paws up on the cement seating around the fountain. I love Bowie’s ability to work through situations he finds challenging.

Pupdate 11/5/2021

Bowie and I hit the Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier today. I got to see his interest in Seagulls, but despite that he was able to stay in his Sit and Down command. We did a lot more of just allowing him to drag the leash which gets us a step closer to being completely off leash. With one more day left of his first week we will work on have a nice Come and Heel command. I am really happy with Bowie’s progress so far!

Pupdate 11/6/2021

Today Bowie and I hit the Outlets at Orange. He is coming along nicely. He gets interested in the people passing by but after getting in the groove he stays pretty focused. After one official week of training under his belt I will begin reinforcing everything off leash as quickly as possible. Giving Bowie structure and also keeping training fun is the key to his success in training. See how he blossoms in week two!

Pupdate 11/7/2021

It was Sunday Funday for Bowie! We incorporated training into all of our walks today. He got to come with me to my parents house and play fetch with some of my younger siblings to his hearts content. Training is really clicking for him. So in week two we will sharpen everything he’s learned and get him off leash ready. Watch as it all comes together!

Pupdate 11/8/2021

Today Bowie got a different set of distractions than what he’s gotten so far. They came in the form of ducks, geese, swans and even a few squirrels. One squirrel even made him break his Sit command, but ultimately he didn’t go chase after it. I count that as a win! He is coming along as planned and I looks forward to what we will accomplish this week!

Pupdate 11/9/2021

Today Bowie and I did a little window shopping (training) on Rodeo Drive. He is getting better every single day and I couldn’t be happier with his progress. We will continue tightening up his Heel command with the remainder of this week. He is such a fun dog to work with. Keep an eye on these next few days as we put everything together and get Bowie Off Leash ready!

Pupdate 11/10/2021

Today Bowie and I went to down to Huntington Beach and trained around the pier and local shopping centers. His Heel command is coming along really nicely. He still shows interest in other dogs, but listens to the Off command really well now. The next three days will be spent up’ing the distractions and making Bowie look crisp. He had a really great overall training session today.

Pupdate 11/11/2021

Today was a great session we got to work on Bowie’s biggest distractions…other dogs. We came across plenty of them today. He did really well and only broke a Sit command once when a dog walked from behind him. All he did was get up but he didn’t go towards the dog. Bowie’s impulse control has gotten so much better since Day 1. We will continue to push the envelope with the remaining two days!

Pupdate 11/12/2021

Today Bowie and I worked on a lot on his Heel command. Although this is his most challenging command he did really well today! He got to see plenty of people on dogs alike walking past him. He even saw a big chocolate lab that started barking at him but he stayed in his Heel command. Bowie has come so far and I couldn’t be happier with his progress. I will use the last day of training just to make sure he is as sharp as possible. It will be bittersweet to see him go.

Pupdate 11/13/2021

Today was Bowie’s final session. We ended on a high note, and I could be happier with his 14-day transformation. Although there doesn’t seem to be much going on those water fountain/ponds are one of Bowie’s biggest nemesis. In the beginning of our program he would pull away from any water fountains we came across. Now he is able to Heel off leash around them without out worrying about them. He has truly been a pleasure to work with!

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