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Bodhi | Bernedoodle | Rancho Palos Verdes, CA | In-Training

Meet Bodhi! He is a one year old Bernedoodle who has joined us for our Two Week Board and Train Program. Bodhi is here for basic obedience, leash pulling, counter surfing, and jumping on people. Over the next fourteen days, Bodhi will be set up for success with hopes of becoming a well behaved pup. Check in to see his progress!


Bodhi and I came home and settled in. He is adjusting to his new surroundings walking throughout my house. I also had a little playtime with him in my front yard to get a little more acquainted. Shortly after, I introduced Heel to Bodhi. Heel consists of having Bodhi walking next to me and staying on my left side. Every time Bodhi pulled away from me, I turned around and went the opposite direction. It did not take Bodhi long to understand what I was asking and he began walking next to me without pulling! We will continue to practice it on every walk we go on.


Bodhi and I drove out to a local park and I introduced him to Place. It consists of having Bodhi getting onto an elevated object and maintaining a Sit or a Down. Place is great to build confidence and serves great purpose if guests are over. Teaching Bodhi to Place did not take long. He needed assistance the first time as only his front legs went up on the object. His back legs were lifted manually to get the rest of his body onto the bench. Bodhi caught on quickly and needed no more assistance. He has boosted his confidence and is now doing it on his own when I ask him to!


Bodhi worked on his recall today which is known as Come to Sit. This technique is composed of having Bodhi coming towards my right side, going around behind me, and concluding with him in a Sit on my left side. The first session we worked on, Bodhi would not completely come around and would Sit behind me. To have him fully Sit on my left, I used a little leash tension and his kibble as guidance to complete his task. Bodhi was able to follow through and is doing very well the more we continue working on it!


Bodhi was introduced to Down today. Down can be a difficult task to teach considering it being a submissive position to a dog. To teach Bodhi, I asked him to Sit, and I began to guide him towards the ground with a little leash tension. Bodhi sat up, so we reset and tried again. With the same approach of asking him to Sit and with leash tension, Bodhi was able to follow through and accomplish his Down!


Bodhi and I have been working on his Door Manners since day one of training. As soon as I would open any door, Bodhi would want to be the first one to go through. To condition Bodhi into not doing that, I ask him to Sit before I open the door, but if he gets up, the door will close. We began practicing in increments of five seconds the first session, which increased to ten seconds the second session, fifteen seconds the third session, and so on. The goal is set at two minutes and Bodhi has effectively reached that mark!


Today we drove out to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica. Bodhi worked on his Extended Sit, Down, and Place in a more public setting. With different distractions around him, such as bicycles, skateboards, children, and other dogs, Bodhi did very well. Whether it was Sit, Down, or Place, he maintained every position that I asked him to do! We were approached on a few occasions by people commending Bodhi on his good behavior and were also amazed on how he remains in a Sit when being greeted by someone! Bodhi is making very good progress and has learned all of his commands!


Bodhi and I began working off leash today by practicing his Heel around my neighborhood. We have been practicing for a few days in my backyard and he has been doing a good job. Our goal was to start working completely off leash by the end of the week and to start practicing in more public areas throughout the second week. Bodhi did great his first time off leash and we will continue working on getting better as we move along!


Bodhi and I spent the day at home while I did some work in my backyard. He had some playtime with my kids and with my Boxer. Bodhi gets along with my dog pretty well and they have become good friends! My kids really enjoy his company and have a real good time whenever they play together! With week one coming to a close, week two will consist of piecing everything he has learned together as preparation for his Final!


Home Depot was our destination today as Bodhi begins his off leash sessions around higher level distractions around him. We began with a Heel around the store to have Bodhi adjust to the environment around him. We worked around loud noises that consisted of forklifts driving through the aisles and construction materials being loaded onto flatbed carts. We also walked throughout aisles full of customers and their shopping carts. Bodhi did really well and continues making great progress!


Bodhi and I took a trip to my local Petsmart today to stock up on some supplies. We worked on Bodhi’s Extended Sit and Extended Down around toy distractions and other dogs. Bodhi was great walking throughout the store ignoring a few dogs passing us by, and he did a good job paying no attention to the toys around him! As we waited in line to checkout, we also practiced on Bodhi’s Come to Sit as the line moved forward. Customers looked on in amazement and complimented Bodhi on his obedience!


Today we went out to a local park and worked on some more off leash conditioning. Bodhi practiced his Heel, Place, Come to Sit, and Down. He is just about ready for his Final as he is almost at his two minute goal with his Extended Sit, Place, and Down. There are a few finishing touches that we are still working on, but Bodhi did a very good job!


Bodhi has been practicing Food Manners ever since I picked him up. He would walk straight towards the bowl as soon as I placed it down. To stop Bodhi from doing so, I picked the bowl up and asked him to Sit. Once in a Sit, I placed the bowl down again, waited a few seconds, and then released Bodhi with a “Break.” Every meal consisted of the same approach with the only difference being the time increase Bodhi would have holding his Sit. He has made so much improvement and can now wait for his food patiently for two minutes!


Bodhi and I worked on a little run through of what his potential Final video might look like. Bodhi did a great job and put on an amazing performance! He does not lunge or pull like he did when he first arrived and is now capable of being off leash! Bodhi has shown so much improvement and keeps getting better around different distractions overall!


Bodhi has completed his Two Week Board and Train Program and is ready to go home! He has done an outstanding job and I am looking forward to showing you what he has learned! It was a pleasure working with Bodhi and he will truly be missed. Thank you for trusting me with him and for the opportunity to be his trainer!

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