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Blue | Australian Shepherd | Simi Valley, Ca-In Training

Blue is a happy go-lucky dog. She jumps on everyone especially, strangers. She gets overly excited when she hears cars or motorcycles drive by the house. She charged at a car, broke her leg, and now has a steel pin on her leg. She has joined our camp for the next 3 weeks.

Pupdate# 2. 08/05/2019

Blue is doing great.

Down command

Pupdate#3. 08/06/2019

Pupdate#4 08/07/2019

Having a playdate with friends.

Pupdate 08/08/2019

Pupdate 08/09/2019

Pupdate 08/10/2019

Enjoying the view.

Pupdate 08/11/2019

Off leash heel.

Pupdate 08/12/2019

Pupdate 08/13/2019

From Place to place.

Pupdate 08/14/2019

Pupdate 08/15/2019

Pupdate 08/16/19

Early morning run...

Pupdate 08/17/2019

Pupdate 08/18/2019

Blue at the park working on down from a distance.

Pupdate 08/19/2019

Pupdate 08/20/19

Blue getting some affection

Pupdate 08/21/2019

Cooling off here in the garden area.

Pupdate 08/22/2019

Pupdate 08/23/2019

Blue is excited to watch The Lion King movie.

Pupdate 08/24/2019


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