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Blue | Dalmatian | Whittier, CA - In Training

Update #5

Blue, you have been so amazing through your training and for how young your are, you have impressed me with how much drive you have to learn more. I’m proud of you girl. Your heel in public is perfect. Impressed everyone in Home Depo!


Update #4

Blue sitting so tall and proper while being at the outlet mall. She’s so doing great with all of her commands and distractio work.


Update #3

Blue trying to hold that “Sit” while families walk by. She loves getting pet by people but she resisted to show her professionalism.


Update #2

Blue had a happy time getting her training in today! Nothing but smiles learning duration ”Place”!


Update #1

Gotta have some fun after a great training session! Lots of tail wags from this pup!


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