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Biscuit | Golden Retriever | La Habra, CA | In Training

Welcoming in Biscuit to our 3 week board and train program. Biscuit is here to learn a bit of self control! He is such a high energy boy that he has a tough time following his mom's commands sometimes. He likes to play rough, and pull his owner around on the leash and gets a little nervous in some situations making it difficult to handle him. We will be working on all the fundamental commands to improve his obedience. Enjoy following along with his progress!


Pupdate 03/08/21

Biscuit out working on his heel today. He is definitely a heavy leash puller so we spent some extra time working this command specifically. The exercise we did at this local school teaches him to follow me as I make pace and direction changes. He made some progress by the end but was still requiring quite a bit of corrections at low levels to keep him following me.


Pupdate 03/09/21

Today Biscuit and I worked quite a bit more on the heel command since that's his weak point. He is not very sensitive when it comes to the collar so higher numbers are required to get his attention. Happy guy had some fun playing with my dog Kylo today, they got along well but I had to tell him Off every time he would go at Kylos collar.


Pupdate 03/10/21

Biscuit working heavily on the place command today. He's such a cuddly guy that making distance from him can prove difficult but after some practice he begins to understand he needs to sit on the cott and stay there until hearing his release command "break".


Pupdate 03/11/21

Biscuit and I worked from home today to beat the rain we used the yard to practice some advanced place to place practice along with down. Biscuit wants to sit back up and follow as I make distance from him so we work on holding the command before "break".


Pupdate 03/12/21

Biscuit out at a park today with me working on some of our commands. Biscuit began dragging his leash which is a big improvement for him. Less leash pressure is needed and more E-Collar use now. He's sporting his big yawn in this photo showing that he's not suffering from symptoms! Happy with his progress today.


Pupdate 03/13/21

Big smiles from Biscuit today! We worked on all of his commands and he is showing improvement. Heel has improved a lot and we began dragging leash today. Will begin off leash tomorrow. Biscuit fights going back in his crate so we have been practicing making it more fun for him.


Pupdate 03/14/21

Biscuit doing much better on his heel command today. We weaved through poles around distractions and though he was tempted, with light E-Collar correction he was able to focus on his commands.


Pupdate 03/15/21

Biscuit has been keeping a relatively consistent weight during his stay. He is very good motivated so having him work for his meals has been really beneficial. He has been taking all of his supplements with no issues.


Pupdate 03/16/21

Working the heel and place command today at Lowe's! Biscuit did very well. He did become nervous of walking by some things but with the E-Collar I was able to get his attention back on our commands and continue walking him passed the things he was scared of.


Pupdate 03/17/21

Biscuit around his favorite training buddy today! These guys get along great and have been practicing all of their commands together along with playing together lots during free time. They have so much energy together that it can be difficult to get them to relax once they start playing.


Pupdate 03/18/21

Biscuit is still not a fan of getting in his crate. He backs away usually when it's time to get inside and requires some leash pressure to guide him into his crate for the night. Today we practiced having him jump up into the car and then load into the crate and he was more comfortable doing it.


Pupdate 03/19/21

Biscuit off leash heeling today! He did very well following me as I made my turns. His initial start is a little rocky sometimes. Where he would usually hang back and require to be tugged on the leash at the beginning of our walk, we now use the E-Collar to correct him at a low level and encourage him to start walking. Once we're moving Biscuit does a great job at keeping up!


Pupdate 03/20/21

Practicing the heel command with today around Tex. Biscuit was off leash while walking next to him and did great! He requires use of the collar to keep his attention around distractions but he listens well.


Pupdate 03/21/21

Today we did some off leash at Lowes and Biscuit did really well. When he first go off leash if he has a lot of energy he has this urge to run around so we have to be sure to manage his behavior with the collar. After off leash practice we practiced improving his confidence a bit more. Getting him to jump up and place on higher and more advanced objects. We also practiced the touch command!


Pupdate 03/22/21

Petsmart today off leash! He got nervous around the check out stand still but did really well ignoring the distractions around the store. We are working on his off leash auto sit.


Pupdate 03/23/21

Much deserved play time with the boys after working hard on the down command today.


Pupdate 03/24/21

Huntington Beach today with his sister! He was very excited to see Latte. We did some off leash heeling around the pier. They both did great together! Biscuit was able to hold a down as a skateboarder went by him. I was very proud in the growth of this guy's confidence.


Pupdate 03/25/21

Off Leash walking around the neighborhood today. He did really well walking by some distractions such as a garbage truck going by and some Gardner's working.


Pupdate 03/26/21

Out at Victoria gardens getting his final video filmed today! He did great around all the distractions and everybody who saw him wanted to stop and pet him.


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