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Bernie| Bernadoodle| Beverly Hills, CA| In training


Meet Bernie, a delightful one-and-a-half-year-old Berneddodle all the way from Beverly Hills, CA, here to participate in our popular Three-Week Board and Train program. Bernie has been facing some challenges, including potty issues indoors, getting a little too excited and jumping on family members, and treating furniture like chew toys. But fear not, we're here to turn things around!

Bernie's enthusiasm knows no bounds, which sometimes makes it tricky for him to control himself when meeting people or other dogs. However, we'll be working on teaching Bernie some polite manners and how to channel that excitement in a positive way.

Throughout the program, we'll expose Bernie to a variety of enjoyable and engaging situations to help him learn and grow. Despite his minor struggles, Bernie is already a sweet and kind boy.

So, stay tuned for Bernie's three-week transformation.


Pupdate 7/23/23

Today marked the beginning of Bernie's transformative journey in our Three-Week Board and Train Program. Bernie, the one-and-a-half-year-old Bernaddodle from Beverly Hills, CA, arrived full of enthusiasm and ready to take on the challenges that lay ahead.

Our first adventure took us to the park, where Bernie's excitement was palpable. He greeted people and other dogs with genuine joy, showing his friendly and playful nature. However, he did struggle to maintain focus at times, losing interest in me. We observed his desire to engage with everything and everyone around him, which is an area we aim to refine to ensure more attentive responses during training.

Upon returning home, we embarked on a short walk around the block. Bernie's walking manners were generally good, but he had a tendency to pull on the leash and lead the way. Our goal will be to teach him to walk calmly by our side, making walks together more enjoyable and controlled.

The next challenge arose when it was time to get into the car. Bernie displayed some initial mistrust and reluctance to enter his crate. It took patience and effort to convince him that the crate was a safe and comfortable space for him during car rides.

Today Bernie showed a willingness to learn and respond to instruction. He proved to be a sweet, kind, and gentle soul, making training a rewarding experience. With consistent training and exposure to various engaging situations, I have no doubt that Bernie will make remarkable strides over the next three weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates as Bernie's training adventure unfolds.


7/24/23 Pupdate

We kicked off the day with a refreshing walk around the block. Our primary focus was on Bernie, ensuring he stayed engaged with me throughout the entire walk. While Bernie had plenty of opportunities to explore, sniff the grass, and be free on queue, I made sure that whenever I stopped, he stopped, and whenever I walked, he walked right beside me. Bernie truly is a sweet giant, and he did amazing during our morning walk!

After his brisk exercise, we delved into some training sessions. We worked on "place," "come," "sit," and "down" lessons. Bernie did really great and is starting to grasp the concept. Although he already understood the "down" command, he showed some resistance today. In such situations, my focus is always on creating a positive and enjoyable environment for Bernie. So, we moved on to other lessons that were more rewarding for him.

As it's only Bernie's second day with me, I want to make sure the lessons are friendly, warm, and positive, allowing him to truly enjoy the process rather than feeling forced to do something. Positive reinforcement has been our go-to approach, and it's heartwarming to see how much Bernie loves it! He remains a bundle of joy, and our friendship is really flourishing.

At breakfast Bernie refused to eat. Don't worry; this is quite common for dogs in a new environment, and it can take them a day or two to settle in and adjust to new routines.

As we were primarily concerned about Bernie's behavior at home, we decided to conduct our training sessions indoors during the hot weather to keep him comfortable. The focus of today's lessons was on "place," discouraging barking, jumping, or peeing inside the house. Of course, we made sure to include plenty of breaks and allowed him ample potty breaks as well. His owners mentioned that he's a slow eater, so we left some food for him to snack on during his outside-kennel time. This allowed him a chance to enjoy the cool AC, enjoy his lunch, have leisure timed and relax before we head to the park. These  sessions include small and controlled access to the house, and as he demonstrates control, more access will be given until he is fully trusted.

All in all, Bernie had an eventful day of learning and play, and he's truly growing into a remarkable companion. We're having a fantastic time together, and I can't wait to share more updates with you in the coming days.


7/25/23 Pupdate

Last night was filled with fun and learning for our furry friend. After a nice walk, we worked on some obedience training with impressive results.

Once we arrived back home, Bernie surprised us by finishing his dinner without any fuss. We achieved this by teaching him the "place command" and getting him settled comfortably on his dog cot. It's great to see how quickly he's catching on to new commands!

However, Bernie has been displaying some barking behavior when he's in his kennel. We understand that new environments can be stressful, so we've been working diligently to make the kennel a positive and safe space for him. With patience and consistent exercises, he seems to be preferring his cozy dog cot instead.

Another challenge we faced was Bernie's excitement when people walked through the door. We wanted to instill good manners, so we created scenarios to help him learn to stay on his cot when guests arrive. It's all about teaching him that calm and collected behavior is the way to go!

Manners are something we prioritize, and that extends to entering and exiting doorways. Bernie has been practicing this skill and is making great strides. It's wonderful to witness his growth and progress in becoming a well-behaved companion.

Moving on to the next morning, we stuck to our regular routine of a refreshing walk and worked on heel training. Bernie is doing remarkably well, staying close and focused during our walks. Such a good boy!

Afterward, we took a trip to the park to practice the "down" command in high-distraction areas. Bernie's learning to focus even when there are lots of exciting things happening around him. We're proud of his determination and effort but we still have a ways to go.

I always try to remember, every dog is unique, and training takes time and patience. But with love, dedication, and positivity, our furry companion, Bernie, will achieve great things.


7/26/23 Pupdate

Today was a day filled with progress as Bernie continued to reveal his true self and allowed me to identify areas in need of improvement in his manners. As a dog trainer, these moments are crucial for our growth and bond.

During our morning walk, Bernie's excitement got the best of him as he ran ahead, barked, and attempted to jump on people. While these behaviors are not ideal, I saw them as opportunities to correct and strengthen our connection. With patience and consistent cues, I guided Bernie to understand what I expect from him during our walks. Thankfully, he's a fast learner and quickly adjusted to my guidance.

One of the highlights of the day was our interaction with a few strangers. I took this as an opportunity to showcase Bernie in a positive light. After introducing ourselves and sharing a bit about Bernie's training program, I kindly asked the people to wait for Bernie to display good manners before petting him. To my surprise, Bernie responded incredibly well. He remained calm, sat down, and showed off his polite side. I felt proud of his progress, and it's moments like these that make all the hard work worthwhile.

Moreover, today marked a significant milestone as Bernie didn't resist going into his kennel. While in the past it took around 20 minutes of convincing, today he cooperated more easily, and I gently guided him inside. As a reward, he enjoyed some comfortable amenities, including a pillow for his comfort and elevated food for snacking.

During our training sessions, we focused on perfecting the "down" cue, an area where Bernie had shown some resistance previously. However, today he surprised me with his progress, finally giving in to the cue and obediently lying down when asked. It was truly remarkable progress, highlighting the effectiveness of our consistent efforts.

We also worked on the "come" cue, aiming for Bernie to walk calmly behind me and stay comfortably by my side. While he's still learning and occasionally struggles, I'm dedicated to being patient and supporting him in this process. Stay tuned for more updates on Bernie's journey as we continue to grow and learn together!


Puodate 7/27/23

Today's adventures with Bernie took us to the iconic Santa Monica Pier, where we had a delightful day filled with training and bonding. Our focus was on reinforcing essential commands like "heel," "sit," "come," and "place," as well as nurturing good manners in Bernie's behavior. The pier provided a perfect backdrop for our activities, with a  beautiful and refreshing breeze, Bernie really enjoyed the sights.

Throughout our training session, Bernie made significant strides. One noteworthy achievement was his "down" command after following the "place" command. Initially, Bernie was a bit hesitant to listen to the "place" command when it came to benches and other objects. However, with a lot of love, patience, and encouragement, he eventually embraced the challenge and succeeded.

Another milestone in Bernie's journey was evident during his interactions with his car kennel. In the past, he was reluctant to enter the kennel without assistance, often requiring me to lift his entire body inside. But today, I observed a positive change. Bernie confidently placed his front paws at the steps of the kennel, showing how much more at ease he has become with the process. Although he still needs a gentle lift for his lower half, I can see the improvement.


Pupdate 7/28/23

We began our morning with Bernie's regular walk, and his enthusiasm was contagious as he happily trotted beside me. Later, our destination was the nearby dog park, a place where we could work on his behavior in high-distraction settings.

To minimize distractions, we arrived at the park around 3 PM, and it turned out to be the perfect time. There were only a few children playing and a couple of friendly dogs around. This environment allowed us to gradually introduce Bernie to new experiences without overwhelming him.

During our walk, Bernie occasionally glanced at other dogs and attempted to pull on the leash. However, I gently corrected his behavior, reminding him to maintain proper manners. Surprisingly, within just 20 minutes, Bernie's behavior improved significantly. He learned to look at other dogs without pulling on the leash – a big win for us.

Until next time!


Pupdate 7/29/24

Today we headed to the dog park where it was busy because of the weekend. While at the dog park, we stayed away from the larger crowd of dogs to avoid overwhelming Bernie. However, I noticed that he was still a bit distracted when it came to the heel cue. Putting in the effort, I guided him patiently, and to my delight, Bernie began to understand that I wanted his attention on me during our training sessions. Of course, during breaks, he was free to explore and satisfy his curious nature. One particular incident stood out during our park visit when another dog came rushing towards Bernie, barking excitedly. To my surprise and pride, Bernie remained calm and composed. Upon asking him to refocus, he promptly returned to my side, proving his impressive ability to handle unexpected situations with grace. Bernie and I practiced turning left and right on the heel cue. As with any training process, distractions tested his focus, and admittedly, he didn't always succeed. But that's okay; perfection isn't our goal. Bernie's endearing goofball nature keeps us smiling, and I appreciate his efforts as we work together on his training journey. Once we returned home, I decided to water my grass, and to my amusement, Bernie discovered a new source of excitement – chasing the water! It turned into an enjoyable game that also doubled as a great way to water the lawn and keep Bernie active. Our day didn't end there. We also dedicated some time to practice kennel time, stair manners, and door manners. Consistency is key, and I believe these exercises are essential for Bernie's growth and well-rounded behavior.


Pupdate 7/30/224

Today with Bernie, we focused on kennel obedience.

Teaching him to go in and out of the crate with good manners and showing him it's a safe space. I aim to limit his crate time and reward good behavior with time on a large cot with a comfy pillow. I don't want to spoil him, so his kennel time varies from any time from 2 minutes to 30 minutes to keep him adaptable and never expecting anything. We've had enjoyable walks this Sunday afternoon and spent time together in the garden. Bernie loves being near people, so I try to reward him with that as much as possible.

Getting to know Bernie has helped me understand his likes, dislikes, and how to motivate him. This will come in handy this week when we work harder in training. All in all we're having a relaxed Sunday, and later today we'll go to the dog park to go for a walk around and make sure he maintains his good behavior. Stay tuned more!


Pupdate 7/31/23

Today's training session with Bernie went really well. We took an extra long walk to work on his kennel obedience and tire him out. He usually has good energy control, but I noticed that if he's not tired enough, he gets fussy in his kennel.

Surprisingly, after eating half his food, he went into his kennel without any fuss. This is the first time since I've had him that he's been so easy to kennel. Last night, he stayed quiet and didn't bark, which is a positive sign of progress.

At the park and Home Depot, we focused on practicing duration for sit and down. I made sure to occasionally test Bernie to see if he remained seated when I jumped or ran. While he didn't fully stay he did great and we'll continue to practice this skill to improve it.

Overall, it was a productive and successful training session, and I'm proud of Bernie's progress so far. stay tuned for tomorrows adventure!


Bernie Pupdate 8/1/23

Today's training  was quite eventful with Bernie! We visited a courthouse in the morning, surrounded by parrots, people, buses, and distractions. Bernie's energy was off the charts during our long-distance 7ft "come to sit" cue practice, but he did better at 5 feet. We'll diligently work on this issue throughout the week. He understands the cue however, still relies on gentle leash pressure. Off camera we worked on Heel turns to be sure Bernie is staying focused on me while the parrots  scream. Although distracted, this is perfect training for us. I can tell he’s learning to drown out the noise but it still  needs work.

Back at home, Bernie needs constant reminders of manners when navigating stairs and can be slightly clingy and toy possessive. To build a stronger bond and encourage sharing, I play fetch with him before our walks. He enjoys it but sometimes runs away with the toy, but that’s ok. We're also addressing his excitement when people visit and his pre-walk excitement, where he tends to grab the leash, even though it's innocent, I'd prefer he didn't chew on it. All in all, Bernie is showing his true colors and he’s such a joy to have around. Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate 8/2/23

Today's training session with Bernie focused on "Place," "Come to heel," and distanced "down" cues, using visual cues instead of leash pressure. From yesterday, Bernie  is showing great progress in understanding the commands, and our goal is for him to fully comprehend them without any assistance. During the session, we dealt with distractions like June bugs and barking dogs from neighbors. Bernie loves watching June bugs, which provided a challenge for us to maintain his focus. However, we also practiced his "sit" command (where I remained out of his view) and saw improvements in his ability to stay committed to the "sit" cue for about 30 seconds, which is a significant accomplishment. We believe with continued consistency, he can achieve even longer durations of about 2+ minutes. I have faith in Bernie's abilities and know he can do it!

Every training session is made to be a fun and exciting game, I believe this is what is making Bernie have such significant strides.

After our productive training session, Bernie had a well-deserved break. He enjoyed his breakfast, followed by some cozy cot time to relax and recharge. Later, we headed outside to the garden, where he curiously watched me water the plants. Bernie couldn't resist the opportunity to play and chase the water, which resulted in him getting quite wet! We decided to take advantage of the situation and gave him a thorough shampooing. Focusing on his jaw and paws, which tend to get a bit brownish due to their white color. Afterward, Bernie was treated to a gentle brushing to keep his coat looking clean and healthy. It's always fun to see Bernie enjoy himself and make the most of every moment.


Pupdate 8/3/23

Today was another exciting day. We started with a walk in the morning then he had breakfast. Bernie and I then headed  to the Santa Monica pier!

We worked on his "heel",stair manners, and "under" commands. Although he struggled a bit to grasp some concepts, Bernie showed a strong willingness to learn. The beautiful views and serene moments by the water made the day even better when we both shared a beautiful moment of just staring into the waters under the pier.

Bernie's enthusiasm for training was evident; he sees it all as a delightful game. We then walked through the arcade, where many people pet Bernie. Bernie demonstrated great manners which is always great. After some enjoyable laps on the pier, we took a break in the shade and then headed back to the car to rest with the AC and cool water. Bernie also had the chance to make lots of new doggie friends during our outing. It's always heartwarming to see him socialize and have a blast with others. Can't wait for our next adventure together!


Pupdate 8/4/23

Bernie and I focused on the "under" cue during our training session. Even though it's only our second day working on this new cue, Bernie's willingness to please shines through. Although he still needs a bit of nudging to fully get under the seat, I'm confident that with a few more tries, he'll grasp the concept. In between practicing the "under" cue, I kept Bernie engaged by alternating with commands like "heel," "come," "sit," and "place" on top of the seat.

After our training, I rewarded Bernie by letting him take in the park's beauty and allowing him to relax on the lush grass. We then repeated the trials and went home to enjoy some ac and lunch. Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate 8/5

In today's session, we continued Bernie's train program by focusing on the 15 ft and 30ft recall, “heel”, and "under" cues. It's amazing to see Bernie's progress from yesterday, especially with sitting and positioning his body under the cement benches. Although it was challenging at first, Bernie's willingness to learn has shone through with the help of treats, encouragement, and praise. From yesterday, I stopped having to physically prop Bernie and instead simply gesture the “under” cue. Due to Bernie tiring out quickly, we've learned to break up his training sessions, keep him hydrated, and ensure he stays cool with the AC. Excitingly, Bernie's distance recall is also improving, and he's no longer just running to my left side but instead turning around from behind me. To keep things engaging, we mixed up the cues, and Bernie's curiosity and engagement stayed high as he adapted to the new challenges.


Pupdate 8/6/23

Today was another productive day with Bernie. To beat the heat, we started off with an extra-long walk to ensure he was nicely tired before breakfast. Back at home, Bernie shadowed me as we practiced essential skills like stair manners, door manners, and kennel manners.

We made remarkable progress during our "under" cue practice. Initially, I used gentle pressure to guide him, but Bernie quickly caught on and neatly tucked himself under the bench. It's evident that he's learning fast, and I couldn't be prouder of his growth. However, I noticed he relies more on physical cues than verbal ones. Occasionally, he confuses "place" with "under," so I'm keeping things interesting to help him grasp the distinction between the two cues.

Afterward, Bernie earned some cot time for his great behavior. He enjoyed cot time under the AC, where we kicked back, watched television, and relaxed. As a test, I had people knock on the door. Bernie stood up with excitement, wanting to greet them. Although he didn't bark, I aimed for him to stay seated even while observing the guests entering. While he initially struggled, after a few practice rounds, he improved significantly. Stay tuned for more!


Pupdate 8/7/23

Today, Bernie and I headed to the park for some training. We worked on his "under" and "come" to "sit" cues. Although Bernie had previously mastered "come" to "sit," he tested me and required some accountability initially. As the training session progressed, he showed a clear understanding of what I was asking. While practicing "under" on a park bench, Bernie accidentally scraped his leg. After inspecting it, I found it to be a small scrape that didn't require much concern. I cleaned and monitored it, and our "under" cue practice session came to an end. Later, we took a long park walk, with a few breaks in between. Back home, Bernie had breakfast, enjoyed some relaxing cot time, and then we went for his evening walk.

(Note: Bernie has a superficial scratch, with redness. No blood or skin was lost)


Pupdate 8/8/23

Our training session covered a range of manner, including working on his food manners, door manners, entering and exiting the car, and overall door manners. Later in the day, we headed to the park to practice commands like "come to heel" and worked on improving his recall abilities from a longer distance. Bernie demonstrated a clear understanding of everything although at times he's easily distracted and requires accountability to the cue. However, Bernie is doing amazing and will soon be ready to go back home.


pupdate 8/9/23

Today was a simple day with Bernie, as he already understands most of his cues. Despite his initial excitement, a brief startup session is all he needs. This takes around five minutes, after which he becomes a well-behaved and wonderful companion. Bernie had a blast at the park, interacting the environment, indulging in treats, and savoring the stunning views. We took shelter in the car during a rain shower, but once it passed, he relished the scent of freshly washed grass. Back to training, he aced a 50-foot recall, showcasing impressive progress that makes me proud.



Today we continued our training with Bernie, focusing on practicing all of his final cues along with the appropriate extended times as outlined in our training guidelines. Bernie's performance was exceptional, and he had the opportunity to meet and interact with many friendly people who showered him with pets and praise. His wonderful manners shone through, whether interacting with people or flawlessly executing the cues I asked of him. It was a day filled with breathtaking views of the beach and the lively activities on the pier. Bernie's hard work paid off, and he enjoyed a generous amount of treats to celebrate his remarkable achievements.


Pupdate 8/11/23

Continuing from yesterday, we didn't stop at Santa Monica. We found a street fair nearby and took Bernie there to practice his tricks around lots of people. He was loved by the crowds, with many folks wanting to pet him. I made sure he sat nicely before they did and that he displayed good manners.

The next day, we had a long walk and did more practice. Back home, Bernie relaxed in the cool air and enjoyed his comfy bed before chowing down his breakfast followed by practicing door manners, and kennel manners.


Pupdate 8/12/23

Today was a relaxed and fulfilling day as we prepare to bid farewell to Bernie, who will be heading home tomorrow. Our time together has been a joyful journey, and we wanted to make his last day here truly special. We went on a long and relaxed walk-in the morning. Then, we fine tuned his kennel manners as he seamlessly hopped in and out of the car when we ran practice drills . The same confidence was evident when he gracefully entered and exited his kennel, a skill we've been working on diligently.

One highlight of our day was witnessing Bernie's fascination with the fan – the way he curiously tilted his head, ears perked up, was a sight to that warmed our hearts. And of course, the timeless thrill of chasing the water hose in the front garden brought out his playful spirit, a reminder of the cherished moments we've shared together.

As we prepare for Bernie's departure, our hearts are filled with gratitude for the time we've spent together. Tomorrow marks a new chapter in his journey, one that we're sure he'll embrace with the same enthusiasm and charm that has won us over.


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