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Bentley | French Bulldog | West Covina, CA | In-Training

Meet Bentley, a 5 month old French Bulldog from West Covina, CA who has joined us for our Three Week Board and Train Program! Bentley is here for basic obedience, leash pulling, being mouthy, food manners, kennel training, and potty training. We are looking forward to seeing how well he progresses for the next 21 days with hopes of transforming him into a well mannered dog by setting him up for success. Check in to see Bentley’s Three Week journey!


Today we picked up Bentley and drove out to a park in West Covina. On the way to the park, Bentley had a potty accident in his kennel. We cleaned up the kennel and Bentley as well. We will work him through those manners as training moves along. We introduced Bentley to his Heel command which means walk next to me on my left side. Bentley likes to pull on his leash so to work him through that, we do the opposite of what Bentley does. For example, if he pulls away from me, I turn around and walk the opposite way. It is a work in progress and we will continue to work him through it! He had no accidents on the drive home and did not fuss the whole way. We settled in at home and got to know each other with a little playtime!


Bentley and I took a walk around my neighborhood today to work more on his Heel command. It is a big difference compared to when I picked him up. He got ahead of me a few times but I turned the opposite way to get him on track. We will continue to work on it fully on our walks and clean it up to make it better. Bentley was also introduced to his Come to Sit command which means come towards my right side and go around behind me to sit on my left side. He is picking that command up really well but he tends to sometimes sit a little more in front of me. We are working on getting him to sit next to me with a little leash tension and some kibble. Bentley was great overnight and has not had an accident since we picked him up!


Bentley and I worked more on his Come to Sit today. He is getting a little better with understanding to sit next to me as he comes around behind me. During this process Bentley picked up the Sit command very well so I began to work on his duration Sit by adding a short distance taking one step back, and waiting about 5 seconds to release him with his Break command. Bentley is very bright and is doing great with his Heel command. He is not pulling on the leash like before and he can walk next to me at my pace. He slept through the night and is doing good on not having any accidents!


Today we took a drive to Glendale and got Bentley to work around people and other dogs. We introduced Bentley to the environment by walking a few laps around the outdoor shopping center. Once Bentley settled in with the distractions around him, we introduced him to his Place command which means getting onto an elevated object and holding the command until I release him with his Break command. Bentley would try to Place but the objects were just a bit out of his reach but I gave him some assistance and he managed to hold that command very well. He is doing good overnight with no accidents, and rides calmly in his kennel in the car.


Bentley and I took a trip to the Westfield Plaza in Century City today and worked on some confidence building by practicing his Place command. I helped him out by giving him a little running start but as far as Bentley jumping onto the object, he managed to do it all on his own! We also worked on his Extended Sit and he is progressing really well! We noticed that Bentley shakes his head a lot when training but it can all be him getting used to the E-Collar. Since this is new to him he tends to scratch on the side the E-Collar is on and he scratched his ear in doing so. He is doing great sleeping through the night with no accidents as well as no accidents around the house, and he loves to take naps in the car!


Today we took the training back to Glendale to work more on Bentley’s confidence building with his Place command. The first trip out there, Bentley could not quite make it onto the object without my assistance, but today Bentley did it all on his own and he did such a good job keeping an Extended Place and Sit! Although he would miss the object a few times, we reset with his Come to Sit command and worked him through it. Bentley did really good overnight and in the car. He is also doing really well remaining accident free!


Merry Christmas! Today we worked with Bentley a little more on his food manners. I make Bentley Sit as the food bowl is in my hand before I place it on the ground. As I start to put the bowl down, Bentley is to remain in his Sit command the whole time. If he moves, I simply pick the bowl up, reset, and try again. I started releasing him at 10 seconds and began to increase it by 5 seconds every day after. He is doing really well as he waits patiently until I release him with his Break command! He had another successful night with no accidents and is doing so good with not going anywhere around the house!


Bentley and I did a little shopping today at Del Amo Fashion Center in Torrance. We received many compliments on Bentley’s looks and his good behavior. We were approached by a few shoppers wanting to say hello so we took advantage and worked on his greeting manners. In order to be greeted, Bentley has to remain in his Sit command until I release him with his Break command. He sat up the first time so we reset and tried again. He did very well the second time as he maintained his Sit while he was being pet. Bentley continues to succeed overnight with no accidents and he enjoys taking naps in the car!


Today we worked with Bentley on his Extended Down command. With this command Bentley struggled a little into doing it. Given the fact that it is a vulnerable command, Bentley was a little stubborn. Considering it is a submissive position to a dog lots of patience and consistency is key. With a little leash tension and some kibble we were able to get Bentley into the Down position! He continues to do really good with no accidents throughout the day and overnight! He has done really well for his first week of training and now we move on to week two!


Bentley and I drove to Cheviot Hills Park in Los Angeles today where we introduced him to his Under command. Under is similar to the Place command but the difference is instead of placing on top of an object, Bentley is to go Under the object and remain in a Down command. We began practicing with Bentley by having him go Under a park picnic table. We maintained a little slack on the leash to make sure he remains under the bench part of the table. He is understanding the concept and we will continue working him through it until he fully comprehends it. There were no accidents at home or overnight and the car rides are going very smoothly!


Today we took a drive to Home Depot in Alhambra. Now that Bentley is fully understanding his commands we decided to remove his leash and work with him around the distractions inside of Home Depot. We had Bentley Heel through the aisles to get him comfortable with his surroundings. Once warmed up and ready to go, we worked on his Extended Down while customers walked by pushing their shopping carts and employees passed by restocking their products. We also worked on his Place command by placing Bentley on a paint bucket while maintaining an Extended Sit until he is released with his Break command. He did pretty well overall and will continue to get better with more practice. We had a great car ride to and from Home Depot and Bentley was successful overnight and in the house with no accidents again!


Bentley and I stayed in today due to the weather conditions and we worked more on his kennel manners. Whenever Bentley is inside his kennel and I go to open the kennel door, he is to remain in a Sit until I release him with his Break command. When it is time to put Bentley down for the night, the process is similar, only difference is I have him Sit outside of the kennel before I ask him to go inside. Bentley continues to do really good with no accidents and is doing excellent overnight!


Bentley and I took a trip to the Santa Monica Pier today. Since we are preparing him to work off leash, today we decided to practice all of his commands with the leash still attached to him by letting it drag. Bentley did a good job doing everything I asked him to and is doing very well holding his Extended Sit and Down. Bentley’s Under command took a little time considering the amount of distractions around him, but we worked him through it by doing a few sessions. We had a smooth sailing drive and another overnight success!


Today we went back to Glendale and did some more training with Bentley’s leash dragging. We worked on his Under command a little more and he is getting better at keeping his whole body under the object and maintaining his Extended Down. Bentley was having a little trouble with his Come to Sit today but we worked through it by resetting and practicing a few times. He did great overnight with all the fireworks going off in my neighborhood and did not have a single accident. I had a few relatives over for New Year’s Eve and they were all amazed at how well behaved Bentley is! We hope you enjoyed yourselves and we want to wish you a Happy New Year!


Bentley and I had a Sunday funday at home today. We worked on his door manners which is asking Bentley to Sit as I open the door and step outside. Once the door is open, Bentley is to remain in a Sit and not step outside until I let him know that it is ok to do so. The first time we tried, he stepped out once I was out of his view but with a few more attempts Bentley did a great job! We ended with some playtime with my son and relaxed the rest of the day. He remains accident free and is doing so good overnight!


Bentley and I drove to Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson today. Our main focus was to begin with Bentley’s training off leash. We got started with Heel by walking from the parking lot towards the stadium. We stopped by a picnic bench and worked on his Extended Place and Sit along with his Under. Bentley did a very good job and was greeted by security praising him for being a good boy! He continues to strive with no accidents at home and he enjoys those naps in the car very much!


Today we practiced Bentley’s Under and Send to Place a little more. Everyday we work on it he gets a little better. We notice that when it comes to getting onto a slightly higher object, Bentley needs a little running start considering his size. Overall he is doing really well and almost ready to complete his training. Bentley is doing such an amazing job in the house and in his kennel overnight without any accidents!


Bentley and I drove out to The Grove today to get some more off leash training done. Unfortunately, security did not allow us to do so but we managed to work his commands with his leash on. Shortly after, we took a walk to the park next to the Grove and got some off leash work done there. It worked out well for Bentley and I due to the certain distractions around us. We worked around bicycles, skateboards, a few dogs, and children kicking and bouncing balls around. He did an amazing job and has come a long way! No accidents to report and really great overnight!


The destination was the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Blvd. today. Bentley and I got some work done off leash and he did pretty good. Even though he slightly broke his Down command, Bentley was asked to Down again and he was able to maintain it! He is just about ready to go and we will get him there in the next few days. Bentley continues to strive overnight and is succeeding with no accidents!


Bentley and I took a trip to Santa Monica today to continue his off leash training. I noticed Bentley had an allergic reaction so I am treating it with ointment and monitoring it every hour. He is not itchy nor is he in any pain. Other than that, we had a very good day with successful sessions! Bentley did an outstanding job following through given the distractions of people, strollers, and dogs all around him! He received so much praise on how well behaved and well mannered he is! He has been such a great pup at home remaining accident free and sleeping without a fuss overnight.


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