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Bella | Chocolate Lab Mix | Los Angeles, CA - In Training

Bella has joined our famous 2 week Board and Train program. She is loves everyone and needs to learn boundaries. She is a happy go lucky dog. Stay tuned for more updates.


Pupdate 04/27/2020

Bella spent day one learning come, sit, and break (release from command). At one point in the video she lays down right in front of my feet in a very submissive posture. We have noticed that Bella sometimes urinates in a submissive way too. This isn't a deal breaker for training, but something that will need to be addressed as you move towards Therapy Dog work.


Pupdate 4/28/2020

Today we practiced sit and down using a green organization container to practice the place command. This was challenging for Bella due to the small area.


Pupdate 04/29/2020


Pupdate 4-30-2020

Bella did great on her downs today, here she is on a down and sit command, as well as focusing on aileen.


Pupdate 05/01/2020


Pupdate 5/2/2020

Bella was as happy as always, enjoying the sun while sitting in place


Pupdate 05/03/2020


Pupdate 5/04/2020

Bella had a fun day of training at the park in beautiful weather


Pupdate 05/05/2020


Pupdate 05/06/2020

Bella doing a good job on her extended sit


Pupdate 05/07/2020


Pupdate 5/08/2020


Pupdate 5/09/2020

Bella and Janice did amazing working together



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