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Bella | Bull Terrier Mix | Hermosa Beach, CA | In-Training

This is Bella, a one and a half year old Bull Terrier Mix from Hermosa Beach! Bella is here for our one week Board and Train Program because she is a very distracted pup when she is out in public and she pulls on the leash. Over the next week, Bella will learn basic and fundamental commands on leash to help make Bella the best pup she can be so stay tuned for her PAWsome transformation!


PUPDATE 11/1/2021


PUPDATE 11/2/2021


PUPDATE 11/3/2021


PUPDATE 11/4/2021

I noticed this today near her stomach. It does not seem to bother her but I will keep watch of it. This could be caused by laying in her crate, excessive licking irritated it more, allergies etc. Probably allergies since Bull breeds are known for their skin issues.


PUPDATE 11/5/2021


PUPDATE 11/6/2021


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