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Bella | Belgian Malinois Dog Training | Downey, CA

Bella, a 5 month old Belgian Malinois from Downey, CA. Bella went through the Balanced Canine Training SoCal 2 Week Board & Train program. Bella was trained by Balanced Canine Training SoCal dog trainer Chris Louie. See Bella's progress below.

Bella's Pupdates:

Day of drop off

Bella is on deck and ready to knock out Off Leash K-9 Two week Board & Train . For only being 5 months old Bella is very intelligent, but she has a hard time holding her commands. One of the main things I will be working on with her is her off leash recall. I’m super excited to tune this dog up and get her race day ready.



Pupdate 10/22/19

Bella learning how to beat the heat.



Pupdate 10/24/19

Bella working on place and duration sit, at Main St. Huntington Beach.



Pupdate 10/26/19

Bella is out on this beautiful afternoon proofing her on her distractions.



Pupdate 10/28/19

Bella and I went for a walk around my block today with no leash.


Pupdate 10/29/2019


Pupdate 10/30/19

Someone is excited halloween is coming up, she has to place next to the decorations.



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