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Beau | Briard | Whittier, Ca | in - Training

Meet Beau, the 18 month old Briard from Whittier, CA. He is super sweet, loving and is good company! Beau is here for our two week board and train, because he pulls on leash, has problems jumping on people, and doesn’t know any basic commands! stay tuned for Beau’s pawgress!!


Pupdate 5/30/21

Today Beau, and I spent the day getting to know each other. We went on a walk just to feel more comfortable around each other. He is a very sweet boy, and is ready to learn! He wasn’t to interested in his dinner tonigh, which is normal for his 1st night. Maybe tomorro we will work up an appetite, and get him going!! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate!!


Pupdate: 5/31/21

Beau had an easy 1st day, he still warming up to me, but he is a very sweet boy! Today he had a chance to meet some new trainer faces and pup friends in training. He did great for his 1st day if you ask me! He hasn’t been interested in his meals, tomorrow I’ll be sure to make something really nice to see if I can get him to take a few bites. He became really comfortable in his kennel and slept well the night before! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun!


Pupdate : 6/1/21

Beau had a few bites for breakfast this morning, Which is great! We slow introduced the e-collar to him and started working on his place command and recall. He caught on petty quickly, and was starting to catch on. He hasn’t went number #2 yet. Maybe by tomorrow we will see somethin. stay tuned for more!!


Pupdate: 6/2/21

today Beau did a good job with his Heel command in Beverly Hills. He picked up quickly that “heel” means walk with me, at first he was a bit unsure, but with the proper guidance he soon gained confidence and was walking great! Keep up the good work Beau! He hasn’t yet went #2 and he was not interested in his meals, but took a couple treats. ill keep you updated on his weight and reach out soon if we can’t get him to eat. Stay tuned!


Pupdate: 6/3/21

Beau today pooped 1st thing on our morning walk, and it was solid and healthy. We worked on his recall during light distractions, at a small park In Downtown Los Angeles, CA. He‘s a quick learner and understood the command quick. I was able to hand feed him a couple bites for dinner, and he been snacking on his milk bone treats! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s adventure!!


Pupdate: 6/4/21

Beau today enjoyed his tie at the duck pond! He really liked monitoring them from a far enough distance. We even had a chance to work on some commands with the ducks as a distraction! Beau is doing a great job with his lessons, and I’s starting to come out of his shell a bit! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s journey!


Pupdate: 6/5/21

Beau did well working his commands with distractions at the park! He’s a bit shy when new people want to say hi, which is totally normal, it’s better they say hi from a distance. (6ft apart right?) Beau is making progress day by day, stay tuned for tomorrow’s Pupdate!


Pupdate: 6/6/21

Beau did a great job with his commands while letting the leash drag Behind him. He could use more work on focusing on what’s In front of him, instead of focusing on what’s behind hi. we will definitely challenge him a bit more this upcoming week stay tuned!!


Pupdate: 6/7/21


Pupdate: 6/8/21


Pupdate: 9/9/21

Beau was such a good boy at the Block of Orange today, he is really starting to become a city dog!! He received so many compliments on his breed and his luscious hair! we also got to practice heel with a buddy, he did well he prefers to walk alone, but today with a friend it wasn’t to bad, I actually think he enjoyed it! Stay tuned for for more progress!


Pupdate: 6/10/21

Beau did a great job today At Santa Monica pier! He did great with his confidence, and his commands. He has definitely improved, there’s no stopping him now, he’s on the move! tune in for more adventures tomorrow!


Pupdate: 6/11/21

Beau did great today hanging out with a few other pups in training for some lunch. He was Such a good boy while sitting Under the table. He had an easy day but it was still productive. Beau has made progress and has gained confidence he didn’t think he had! Good job Beau, be on the look out for his final video!


Pupdate: 6/12/21

Beau was such a good boy for his last day, he got a nice bath feeling good and looking good! Im definitely going to miss having him around, he’s such a sweet boy! He’s improved so much since day one, and he’s gained so much confidence. Great job Beau you did it!! Be on the look out for his final video!



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