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Bear | German Shepherd/Golden Retriever Mix | Los Angeles, CA | In-Training

Meet Bear, a 1 year old German Shepherd/Golden Retriever Mix coming from Los Angeles, CA. Bear is here for our 2 Week Board & Train Program after working on his basic lessons, with one of our trainers. Bear comes to us for greeting manners, reactivity towards certain things like random people and fast paced movements that seem unpredictable to him, and improved basic obedience. Bear is a real sweet dog who just needs an improvement on his confidence building to be a calm pup when he's outside socializing. Over the 14 day span of training, Bear will develop proper structure to help bring his confidence regardless of the environment. Check out his progress with us as trainers!


Pupdate 10/16/2022

Bear settled in with his trainer today who is Cristian Loza. First Bear went to a local park in Fullerton by Cristians house to get to know each other once again since they have worked previously on lessons before. Bear did well on his obedience when asked for the first time by Cristian. They walked around a park practicing the obedience they've done before, also going near a dog park to work on heel around distractions. Bear was nervous around the dogs at first when they approach the other side of the gate, but Bear was redirected and relaxed once Cristian started asking for Bears Obedience. Once they arrived at his house Bear was fine until meeting Cristians personal dog Hunter. Who kept distance but Bear was placing himself in a corner to avoid Hunter. Cristian leashed Bear to prevent him from going into a corner. Bear did not eat so his food is going to be placed in his crate overnight.


Pupdate 10/17/2022

Bear went to a park in Downey today for some training with distractions, also with the trainers with OffLeash. Bear did well working with Cristian getting into his obedience work, even working with two different trainers. Cristian had Bear do all of his obedience commands but focused on his come to sit, which would be his recall. Bear does somewhat get lazy going around his handler's body, but understands the goal that he wants him to achieve. Cristian walked Bear around ducks, geese, and the trainer's dogs for distraction which bear was able to ignore and keep himself close to Cristian.


Pupdate 10/18/2022

Bear went to a local Home Depot to work on more obedience with distractions. At Home Depot he was walking confidently, only seeming somewhat nervous around certain people who would grab stuff that would make a noise unfamiliar to him, but he was fine walking keeping pace. Bear practiced his down, trying to condition it to an extended down which he did good in, only getting up once from command. Bear had 3 employee's give compliments saying how cute and well behaved he was. By the end of the visit Bear seemed happy and confident leaving the store. At Cristians house when Bear is off leash Bear likes to hide in his crate or go in a corner, so Cristian leashes him and has Bear stay close by to him, rather than letting Bear hide himself.


Pupdate 10/19/2022

Bear focused on some house training today, the focus in the morning was door manners. Bear did really well listening to each command, keeping his composure even if Cristian dropped the leash to test Bear. In the evening Bear went on a walk with Hunter, Cristians personal dog. They stayed by Cristians side together as they walked throughout the neighborhood, even going to use potty when Cristian would say break to release them onto grass. Bear practiced all of his obedience commands once returning home. Bear has not opened up yet to Hunter but they lay next to each other in the same room, Hunter tries to engage and play with Bear but he is still shy and won't get up when Hunter is being friendly asking to play.


Pupdate 10/20/2022

Bear went to a local pet store in Fullerton to work on bears extended down shopping around for items in the store. Bear did get up a couple times when Cristian would try to leave Bear in an area by himself for a couple of seconds. Cristian would redirect Bear back into a down while he would continue shopping. During the visit while Bear was in a down, some people passed by him and Bear didn't move at all, Cristian would break Bear at different areas of the store to have Bear come to him or find him if Cristian was hiding. Bear has fun practicing recall bringing out a lot of happiness and joy as he was finishing his visit.


Pupdate 10/21/2022

Bear went to the Outlets of Citadel in Commerce today to practice his obedience around a higher traffic of people. Bear arrived calm walking around the shopping center with Cristian and some of the other trainers from OffLeash. Bear practiced his extended sit with Tanner, a trainer with OffLeash, and had his pup be a distraction for Bear. Bear only got up once when Tanner's dog Loki got up to place himself next to Bear, Cristian redirected Bear and worked through the situation together to build Bear's confidence. Bear also worked with Priscilla who is another trainer from OffLeash, practicing all of his obedience commands while people are passing by to see how obedient Bear can be with anyone who gives him leadership.


Pupdate 10/22/2022

Bear went for a walk in a park today in Fullerton with Hunter, Cristian's personal dog. Bear did well going around the park staying close by, rarely drifting off to the side to use the restroom or smell grass. There were squirrels who passed by them running which made Bear excited enough to try to get the squirrel, but was redirected by Cristian. Bear and Hunter had a lot of people who were amazed to see them both listen while taking pictures and doing commands when asked, Cristian had Bear practice his car manners with Hunter before leaving, having them both each individually go in when they hear their specific name. Bear tried to play with Hunter today also, finally engaging and smelling each other but still keeping space at times.


Pupdate 10/23/2022

Bear woke up today feeling real happy and confident enough to play with Hunter after being with Cristian for a week. Bear's behavior towards Hunter was very playful but he did get carried away at some points being too hard or rushing into Hunter fast, with Cristians redirecting while they play they get the chance to relax and play again. Towards the middle of the day Bear didn't want to leave Hunter side, always asking him to play. Cristian spent most of the night training Bear on his recall and extended sit at a park nearby his house with lights.


Pupdate 10/24/2022

Bear went to a park in Anaheim today to focus more on his extended sit and down, also working with another trainer today. When Bear was working with another trainer he did show some signs of attachment towards Cristian, always looking in his direction or when facing opposite from him Bear would turn his neck the whole way to look for him. While Bear was working with another trainer, Cristian did not look at Bear or try to engage throughout his practice session with the other trainer to keep Bear more focused on who he was with rather than always trying to find Cristian. When Cristian would place Bear into an extended down or sit, if Cristian was out of Bear's view he would get up a numerous amount of times. At one point Bear kept himself where he was at, giving Cristian the opportunity to hide for the amount of time he wanted, then giving Bear a break. There were some new dogs who were joining them today, Bear started to get excited when seeing some of the newer dogs who were small, but Cristian kept Bear instructed into a down each time they were around him so Bear wouldn't feel too excited being around a new dog.


Pupdate 10/25/2022

Bear focused on his food manners this morning, as well as his off leash obedience throughout the day. Bear has been practicing his food manners since he's been with his handler, and does well waiting for his food. Bear would only get up if you try to distract him or give him baby voices while testing him for his food. Now he rarely gets up maybe one or twice but he does well waiting for his food. Today, Cristian started to focus on Bears off leash obedience practicing around the house and neighborhood. Bear does well staying to Cristians side but still drifts off only to smell grass or is seeing something of interest, but is redirected for each time Bear acts on his impulses.


Pupdate 10/26/2022

Bear went with Cristian to a park next to his little brother's school to pick him up, but also for some off leash obedience training and to be placed into a down when school is out. When they first arrived Bear focused on his OffLeash walking which he did well in. Bear wasn't trying to smell the grass as much as he was being asked to heel on the grass anytime his head was trying to go down. Cristian walked Bear near the playground as some kids were getting out earlier than others, focusing on his recall with distractions around, which he did well in. Once they were at the usual spot Cristian waited for his brother, Bear was asked into a down, being a little nervous at first but once he positioned himself down he was confident to keep it until his brother arrived.


Pupdate 10/27/2022

Bear worked on his offleash obedience again this morning, instead of attaching the leash Bear had the E-collar put on first thing this morning, going for a walk throughout the neighborhood without any issue on the way back to the house. Bear saw some cats that caught him off guard for a quick second, but Cristian redirected to continue to walk and Bear proceeded to follow. Once they arrived back home they practiced off leash obedience in front of the house which Bear did well in. Bear went with Cristian to pick up his brother from school again today and had no issues being around kids. If kids stare at Bear for too long he starts to give them attention but Cristian redirects Bear if he notices any overstimulation at the school.


Pupdate 10/28/2022

Bear went to Fashion Island in Newport CA to work on his offleash obedience. Bear was nervous being in a new area again for a moment once they got there. After ten minutes of practicing Bear's obedience he started to get over his nervousness and adjusted fine being in a new environment. Bear was able to follow Cristian for a majority of the time he was there, some people had small dogs that did catch Bear's attention to get him up from his down or placements. Cristian relied on the remote each time redirecting Bear towards him with a come to sit each time Bear wanted to break command. Bear listened and would continue his obedience after the distractions occurred and would watch small dogs as they passed by.


Pupdate 10/29/2022

Bear has learned his obedience throughout the 2 weeks he's been staying at his handlers house. So Cristian decided to teach Bear a new obedience skill which is under. Under is used to have your dog down under a table when people are gonna sit down to talk or eat. Bear learned this quickly and understands the concept now when he hears the word under. Bear also went for a walk with Cristian focusing on off leash walking again. Bear does well walking but when he uses the restroom he tries to wander off at times going to farther grass but is redirected by Cristian when he does that.



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