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Baxter | Sheepadoodle l Redondo Beach, CA | In - Training

Welcome Baxter! He is the cutest and smallest 6 month old Sheepdoodle from Redondo Beach, CA! Baxter joined our two week board and train program to learn basic command, and manners. Baxter like to jump, nip, and pull while on and off leash. Stay tuned over these next 15 days to see his pawsome transformation!


Pupdate 7/25/21


Pupdate: 7/26/21


Pupdate: 7/27/21


Building Confidence!!


Pupdate: 7/28/21


Pupdate: 7/29/21


Pupdate: 7/30/21


Pupdate: 7/31/21


Pupdate: 8/1/21


Pupdate: 8/2/21


Pupdate: 8/3/21


Pupdate: 8/4/21


Pupdate: 8/5/21


Pupdate: 8/6/21


Pupdate: 8/7/21


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