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Bailey | Chocolate Labrador Retriever | Arcadia, Ca | In - Training

Meet Bailey! A seven-year-old Labrador Retriever from Arcadia CA has joined us for our Two-Week Board and Train Program! Bailey is an extremely friendly and loving dog. With that much love, there is a lot of excitement. Bailey has joined our program because she needs help with her greeting manners along with controlling her excitement inside the house around family members. Bailey also has a bad habit of barking at dogs and jumping, along with pawing at people to get their attention. Over the next two weeks, Bailey and I will be working on her obedience on and off the leash; along with properly proofing all the behaviors in different settings and distractions. Tune in to watch Bailey's progress over the next two weeks!


Pupdate 12-18-2022

Today Bailey and I went to the park near my house in San Dimas Ca, for our late afternoon session. Today we focused on engagement with Bailey as well as getting her comfortable with jumping on certain objects. Bailey is also doing a great job being around my other board and train dogs, she loves to hang out with them and occasionally play when she feels like it. Overall bailey is adjusting pretty well. 


Pupdate 12-19-2022

Today Bailey and I had one of our sessions on my driveway, using the sounds from the street as distractions. Today we focused on the “heel” command along with the “sit” command as well, paring the commands with leash pressure along with the ecollar tool. During our session, I noticed Bailey does get a little bit stubborn whenever being asked for the “sit” command. Whenever she does decide the be stubborn at times, I just use the ecollar tool to slowly help her get over the stubbornness. Overall Bailey has a basic understanding of the ecollar tool, and how to properly shut it off. With more reps of the same commands, she’ll slowly pick it up quicker and quicker.


Pupdate 12-20-2022

Today Bailey and I had our session at the local park near my house in San Dimas Ca, we focused on her “sit” and “down” commands mostly. She has a general understanding of the “heel” command. Now we are working on repetitions of the “sit” and “down” commands, showing her what we are asking her by using leash pressure paired with the ecollar tool with a bit of pressure on the back for her to down. As soon as her elbows hit the ground, then all of the pressure stops immediately showing her how to properly shut the pressure off. Overall we are making great progress on breaking through Bailey’s stubbornness.


Pupdate 12-21-2022

Today Bailey and I met up with some of the members from the offleash socal team at a local outlet in Los Angeles Ca, to get some exposure and training in together! Today we focused on the same things as yesterday, breaking through her stubbornness. Teaching her just because the setting has changed, the job is still the same. She is doing a lot better on her “sit” command, as of her “down” command she’s still a bit stubborn at times.


Pupdate 12-22-2022

Today Bailey and I went to the local outlets in Los Angeles to get some more training in! Today I noticed that Bailey is not as stubborn as yesterday, but she is starting to become submissive. Starting tomorrow Bailey and I will be working on building her confidence and backup, along with working on her anxiety in certain settings. Upon picking up Bailey, I noticed she had a hot spot on the outside of her back right leg. I’ve been putting liquid bandage on her hot spot along with monitoring it and making sure she doesn’t lick or scratch to irritate the hot spot, over the last couple of days it has gotten a lot better I will continue to keep you updated every other day.


Pupdate 12-23-2022

Today Bailey and I went to a local target by my house to get some training in! During our training we focused on the duration for her “sit” and “down” commands. Along with desensitization in different settings. Even though she’s still a bit nervous in some settings she’s still a sweet and loving girl. I can’t wait for her to open up more in the next few days!


PUpdate 12-24-2022

Today Bailey and I went to the local park by my house to get some daily training in! Today we focused on speeding up her commands, along with her “come to sit” command. She did a great job on her obedience, there is no longer anymore stubbornness. Another thing we worked on today was having her head up instead of down whenever being asked for a command. We are starting to clean everything up and make all of the commands clearer!


Pupdate 12-25-2022

Today Bailey and I went to a local park in La Habra Ca, to get some training in before the Christmas festivities! Today we focused on building up her confidence off leash, just having her jump on different surfaces and objects. We also used a lot of food to make things more exciting for Bailey's girl! Bailey did a great job today being off leash! Tomorrow we will be working with her sister!


Pupdate 12-26-2022

Today Bailey and I met up with the OffLeash SoCal team at a local park in the City of Orange to get some training in around other dogs and distractions! Today Bailey and I focused on her “come to sit” command along with her “place” command on an elevated surface and around other dogs as well! In the video, you can see that she tries to go the opposite direction when I asked for the “come to sit” command, whenever she decided to ignore my command or ecollar. I simply just utilize the ecollar a bit more and use a higher stimulation level to bring her back to me, that is a perfect example to show you that Bailey has a clear understanding of what the ecoller stimulation is and how to properly shut that feeling off, which is getting her butt to me as soon as possible. Overall Bailey is doing a great job working around other dogs and distractions! 


Pupdate 12-27-2022

Today Bailey and I went to our local Home Depot in San Dimas Ca, to get some training in around the distractions that were there from the shoppers. Today we focused on the duration for her “sit” and “down” commands, at first she would get up after me walking away to about 5 feet away from her. As soon as she gets up I quickly take space away from her and I. I used body pressure to let her know that she’s not supposed to get up from that position. After the same repetitions over and over, she was able to pick things up. By the end of our session I was able to be 10 plus feet away from her!


Pupdate 12-28-2022

Today Bailey and I met up with some of the offLeash SoCal team members to get some training in around each other’s dogs! During our session today we focused on having her hold her “down” command around other dogs and distractions. At first, Bailey was a bit hesitant about all the movement that was happening around her, but after some time she started to adjust and get more and more comfortable!


Pupdate 12-29-2022

Today Bailey and I took a late evening walk around my neighborhood along with my other board and train dog Riggins side by side. We also worked on their obedience together such as “heel”,” sit”, and “down”. Bailey is doing a lot better now on her obedience commands, doing them a lot faster and willingly. Bailey did a great job tonight working alongside another dog!


Pupdate 12-30-2022

Today Bailey and I had our training session on my driveway, we focused on all of her obedience off leash. One thing she needs to work on more is holding her positions, she gets up at times but other times she does her job. For the rest of today and tomorrow, I will be focusing on the duration of her commands. One thing she loves is the place cot! She loves it so much that at times it is a distraction for her. Overall she is doing a good job and has come a long way. 


Pupdate 1-1-2023

Today Bailey and I met up with some of the offleash members at the local mall in Montebello Ca, to get some training in alongside some other board and trains to proof our training! We put all of her commands to the test, such as long distance heeling, long durations for the “sit”, “down” and “place” commands. Bailey did a great job on everything! She has come along way and I can’t wait to show you guys her progress! 

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