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Ava | German Shepherd | Longbeach, CA | In Training

Ava has joined Offleash SoCal for our 1 week board and train program. Ava comes to us with previous obedience training, but needs to work more on her duration and impulse control. She is a but fearful when it comes to meeting new people or other dogs, so we are going to help her break out of her shell. Check in to see Ava’s progress.


Pupdate 3/30/2020

Today Ava was introduced to the E-collar. Since she already knows all the obedience commands, worked on duration and staying in the command until released. She is doing great with the crate. She loves going in it and doesn’t even make any noise while in the crate. She’s having a great time with all her dog friends, but her new best friend is my German Shepherd Bailey. Ava loves giving Bailey kisses and chasing each other around the yard.


Pupdate 3/31/2020

Ava working on the come and sit commands. She’s still a little stubborn when asked to come, but we will keep practicing.


Pupdate 4/1/2020

Ava practicing the place command while her friends try to distract her. She is doing a great job with holding the commands until released. We are still working on her shyness, but she becoming less timid around my family and allows them to pet her. She loves running around and playing with all the dogs.


Pupdate 4/2/2020

Today Ava and I went to a school to work on commands. She is doing a great job with the heel command. She walks right by my side, hardly pulling on the leash. Ava is doing a great job!


Pupdate 4/3/2020

Today Ava went to the park to work on commands with some distractions. Her obedience is great but we still are working on building her confidence so she isn’t shy around people. My cousin came with me to help with Ava. Ava tried to back away when first meeting him, but she slowly warmed up to my cousin and allowed him to pet her.


Update 4/4/2020


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