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Aussie | Australian Shepherd Dog Training | Torrance, CA

Aussie the 8 month old Australian Shepherd from Torrance, CA. Aussie joined Balanced Canine Training SoCal trainer Chris Ramirez for our 2 Week Board and Train dog training program.

In Training:

Update# 7

Making it look perfect doing a “Place” command on that cover. Running through all the commands with every distraction we can find. This pup worked really had today and I’m proud of him!


Update #6

We’re practicing on how to ”Load” into the truck kennel. Practice makes perfect and so far it’s been perfect!


Update #5

Since the rain decided to come, we went to Home Depot to work and he Aussie did amazing! His temptation to just jump on people and always seeking that attention is starting to become under control with his obedience! He looks so professiona here!


Update #4

We are to the point where he has gained confidence to remain on a ”Place” without me having to be near him. He’s caught up with all of his commands and ready for the public to see!!


Update #3

Today was a success! He’s getting quicker with responding to his commands. Looking pretty sharp doing them too! Here he’s doing a “Place“ command which Is gaining the confidence to get onto an object and staying on it without getting off till being told the next command.


Update #2

Todays session was more bonding and understanding what each commands are. Also we’re trying to gain some confidence to loading into the back of my truck and into his kennel.


Update #1

Everyone, meet Aussie! He’s our newest member for the 3 week board and train. His parents concerns are that he pulls on the leash intensely, barks a lot at everything, he doesn’t know any commands, and gets very distracted easily. We will be focusing on ”Heeling” and teaching him much more commands. He will be returning back home as an obedient new puppy! Stay tuned for the next 3 weeks of his progress!


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