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Augie | 5 Months Old | Yellow Lab | Santa Monica, CA | In training


Augie is up to bat as a part of our two week board and train program! We're so excited to have him here with us. Augie is a curious lab puppy who has some trouble focusing on his commands sometimes. He's going to be working on his leash and greeting manners heavily these next two weeks. He is eager to get started and begin his training!


Pupdate 03/09/2020

Today Augie and I worked exclusively on the command "place". Augie had a tough time holding the command at first because he wanted to follow me as I created distance but after some practice he learned to hold the command until he heard the "break" command.


Pupdate 03/10/2020

Augie and I took advantage of the break in rain this morning and took a long walk to a park where we got to practice all his fundamental commands for a while. He is working on not pulling on the leash and staying focused on his commands instead of everything else around him. Augie is excited to get up and start training every morning!


Pupdate 03/11/2020

Augie doing place on a high rock like a champ today! His confidence is really showing because he is willing to hop up on these strange objects like a boss! We worked a lot on heeling today which is his kryptonite because he's so excited he just wants to explore everything. Getting better with everyday though.


Pupdate 03/12/2020

Today Augie and I got a headstart on our day and we're lucky enough to beat the rain. We took a long and slow walk down to Lowe's where we practiced some heeling around light distractions and calmly greeting strangers. Since the storm has hit pretty hard now we will be continuing our training indoors! Augie isn't phased by the rain one bit. Very calm and relaxed boy.


Pupdate 03/13/2020

Augie and I working indoors do stay nice and dry today! Augie is so eager to learn everyday! He is beginning to stay a bit more calm when he is completing his commands on a regular basis and paying more attention to me rather than focusing on things around him.


Pupdate 03/14/2020

A beautiful morning out on our walk before the storm came rolling back in. Augie is more willing to hold his command sit for me while I take a photo opportunity. He gets so excited when he hears the word break he loves to come running over and collect his reward of lots of pets!


Pupdate 03/15/2020


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