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Archie | Miniature Schnauzer | Canyon Lake, CA

This is Archie the 9 month old Miniature Schnauzer from Canyon Lake California. He is with us for a Two Week Board and Train program. He is a sweet happy boy but is quite a Diva! He throws full tantrums when he isn't allowed an open window in the car, a play session a rain puddle, or getting to eat bugs in the yard. He is incredibly high energy loving toys a bit too much and getting so excited to the point of coming off aggressive with new playmates. I am so excited to see how far he is going to come in the next two weeks!


Pupdate 05/03/2020

The little man is checking out the new digs! He got a bath first thing and then got to check out the backyard. He has been a little bit vocal in the kennel off and on since pick up, but is settling in nicely!


Pupdate 05/04/2020

Archie had his first lesson today! He got introduced to the E-collar and the concept of a recall (Come) command. He did really awesome, quickly transitioning into a "follow the leader" in response to the stimulation. He hasn't come completely out of his shell yet, but has adjusted really well to the Kennel and schedule so far. He slept through the night great, and napped for ages after his lesson. He didn't want his dinner last night, but his appetite has been kicking up throughout the day. Overall the little man is doing great!


Pupdate 05/05/2020

Archie had a very long day! He met both the other pups he is going to be staying with, Nico and Rosie. He is slowly warming up to them. In general he adores Nico, always trying to lay with him, constantly following him around. With Rosie he needs a lot of supervision, he is a bit overwhelmed by her insecure puppy energy and often lashes out or tries to dominate her. We did his whole lesson with her and Nico on Place as a distraction and he is doing a lot better with her. His appetite still isn't fantastic, he is still a it nervous about this whole place, but with some cheese and microwaved up he ate his whole dinner! His second lesson went Awesome, he is getting the recall down and I am introducing the basics for heel. He is also still sleeping through the night and being pretty great about the kennel during the day! All in all he is doing pretty good!


Pupdate 05/06/2020

It was quite hot today so Archie didn't get his lesson until later in the day! We worked on his Come, Heel, and Sit while all the neighborhood was passing by on their evening walks as distractions! He also did some socialization through out the day during his potty/play time, he is not the biggest fan of not being allowed to run the show but is getting better little by little! He is eating almost his full meals now but very slowly with a lot of pushing his kibble around the bowl. I can't wait to see how much he is going to start flourishing over the next couple days!


Pupdate 05/07/2020'

Archie is coming along! He is still a little unsure about all this obedience business, but he is learning quick and getting more confident every session! Today we worked on his Heel a lot. It was pretty hot so his most productive session was near sunset, we had a lot of barking neighbor dogs as distractions but Archie still did great! He is still being a bit of a picky eater and throws a tantrum or two occasionally during the day about being in the kennel, but overall he is doing solid.


Pupdate 05/08/2020

Archie made some really big steps forward today! We went on a long walk around the neighborhood all with Archie's leash dragging behind him! He gets confused about which side to be on here and there but were working on it! His Off command is coming along awesome too, from quietly staying seated next to me while not engaging with a very hyper Boxer to dismissing all the best grass spots to stay in his Heel. He also ate all of his breakfast, has been great in his kennel, and over came quite a bit of fear in his evening play session!


Pupdate 05/09/2020

I am so proud of all of Archie's progress today! He was really showing off how sharp he is. We worked on teaching him a new command called Place, which is to get up on top of a raised horizontal object (in this case a weird rock) and stay on it. Archie caught on super fast and was a total champ by the end of the lesson. We also worked a bit on him automatically going into a seated position when stopped in a heel, which he is getting down! He had a big breakfast and a fun morning session of tug of war with me and has been a happy little camper all day!


Pupdate 05/10/2020

Archie says Happy Mothers Day from on top of the A-Frame! We did some confidence building, a light introduction to the new foster brother Leo, and a quick Heel lesson! Obedience wise Archie is doing awesome, he picks things up so fast! He has had quite a bit of kennel anxiety today, probably has to do with the new pup coming in who has a bit of kennel anxiety too.


Pupdate 05/11/2020

Archie's Heel is starting to look pretty sharp! We worked on some turning, auto side correction (him knowing to switch to the left when started on the right), and speed changes today and then some distance/duration Sits through out the neighborhood. I also threw in some slow-mo's of how confident about the A-Frame he has gotten. It's now his favorite spot during playtime! He goes to the top waits for Nico to get in range and Archie slides half way down so he can play at Nico's height. He is eating great and is a happy camper in the kennel. He officially has all his commands down and the next couple days are going to be pushing them to the limits!


Pupdate 05/12/2020

Archie was a Rockstar today! He did a ton of distance work for his Place, Sit, and Down commands. He even held a sit 10ft from me while a barking puppy walked by him! He is gaining confidence every session and is such a happy boy! He also got to meet his temporary foster brother Leo off lead today and they are best buds. He does try to mount him here and there so we are working on that, but they are playing very well and enthusiastically every chance they are given!


Pupdate 05/13/2020

I think this guy knows how to Heel! We did a very tight weave between some poles in my back yard with one side littered with favorite toys from home and treats on the other, Archie nailed it! He also had a long socialization session with Nico and Leo. He gets easily overwhelmed by pups with to much energy, and tends to want to lash out, but was on his best behavior today and got to have an absolute blast because of it! He is going to be so excited to show off all his new skills to his parents this weekend!


Pupdate 05/14/2020

Archie worked on all his commands at the shopping center today. He even walked by a couple of playing children with out faltering in his Heel. He is ready to do his Final video tomorrow so he can go home to Mom and Dad!


Pupdate 05/15/2020

Archie was showing off at the Library today! The highlight of the lesson is when I let him break off the place and a tennis ball comes flying right towards Archie from the neighboring tennis court and all I had to say was Off, Come with two taps and he completely disengaged immediately and fell into a Heel position! This guy has come so far in the past two weeks, I am so proud of him!


Pupdate 05/16/2020

These guys are going to miss mister Archie, they have had so much fun with him! Archie is going home tomorrow a total Rock-star. He is absolutely tanked from filming his final video and getting extra playtime with the two other boys,


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