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Archie | Golden Retriever | Long Beach, CA | In-Training

Archie, a six month old Golden Retriever, has joined OffLeash SoCal for our two week board and train program. Archie comes to us with typical puppy behavior: lack of following commands, leash pulling, counter surfing, stealing food from your hands, jumping to greet, etc. Over the two weeks Archie will be working on his off leash obedience and manners. Check in to see his progress!


Pupdate 2/6/2022

Archie has settled in well at my home. He was a little nervous around all my dogs, when he first arrived, but now is having a blast with them!


Pupdate 2/7/2022

Today Archie and I went to the park to start his first day of training. I introduced and conditioned him to the Ecollar. We practiced commands place, sit, and heel. Place is a command where Archie must sit or lay on a defined object. This command is great for building confidence as well as teaching him to be calm and relaxed. Heel is still a work in progress but Archie is walking a lot better now at my side.


Pupdate 2/8/2022

Today Archie and I went back to the park to work on his commands. We met with a few other OffLeash SoCal trainers, so Archie got to practice around dog distractions. We practiced more of Place, Heel, and Sit. We started working on Down and Come. This boy can run and play for hours, but is pooped out after ten minutes of training.


Pupdate 2/9/2022

Today Archie and I practiced his commands at home. We practiced come to sit, place, and down. His come to sit and down aren’t perfect, but Archie is getting the hang of it. He is a fast learner.


Pupdate 2/10/2022

Today Archie joined me on a shopping spree at The Block at Orange. Archie practiced all his command and worked on a new command, Come to Heel. We need some more work on his duration, holding commands longer. He did very well for his first day around distractions.


Pupdate 2/11/2022

Today I took Archie and his buddy, Obi, to Lowes to train out of the heat. Archie was a little nervous when we first got there, but as we walked around he became more relaxed. He did very well at following his commands Around the people distractions. He sat politely while a Lowes employee pet him.


Pupdate 2/12/2022

Today Archie and I worked on his obedience at home. I used his friends as distractions while we practiced. He very well at staying focused on me and following commands, instead of trying to play with his friends.


Pupdate 2/13/2022

Today Archie and I went to the park to work on his commands. We met with a few other OffLeash SoCal trainers who got to assist with Archie and his training. He is doing very well with his training! We just need to tighten up a few of his commands and soon he will be ready to be working off leash!


Pupdate 2/14/2022

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today Archie and I worked on his commands around the neighborhood. Archie practiced his commands semi-off leash today! I let him drag the leash around while we worked. He did very well!


Pupdate 2/15/2022

Achie’s first day working completely off leash! Today we went to the park to work on his commands. He did an awesome job! Even with the park squirrels taunting him, Archie was very focused and obedient!


Pupdate 2/16/2022

Today Archie and I went down to Huntington Beach to work on his off leash obedience around distractions. He did a great job around all the people and dog distractions! Archie got a few compliments on his obedience.


Pupdate 2/17/2022

Today Archie and I worked on his off leash obedience at home. We did a little group training with his buddies, Emma and Loki. We worked on all the obedience commands, duration (holding commands longer), and with dog distractions. Archie did very well, even with the temptation of his friends who were breaking their commands to play around. He stayed in command and ignored them.


Pupdate 2/18/2022

Today I took Archie to Hollywood to work on his off leash obedience around high distractions. He was a little distracted when we first arrived, but as we walked around he began to focus on his commands. He did a great job today!


Pupdate 2/19/2022

Today Archie had an easy day of training. We went to the park to work on his off leash obedience. At home we worked on his food manners, door manners, and loading into the car. Archie spent the rest of the day socializing and playing with his buddies before he leaves. He can’t wait to go home and show you everything he has learned!


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