• Chris Louie

Apache | 2 years old | Belgian Malinois | Hacienda Heights | In Training

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

Day of Drop off

Apache is ready to take the drivers seat and knock out this training like boot camp! Apache is a rescue Malinois, who came to us at off leash K-9, because he loves to pull hard on the leash. When other dogs are present he tends to want to get super excited, and rush up to them to say hi. Stand by for Apaches amazing transformation.

Pupdate 10/7/2019

Pupdate 10/08/19

Apache showing off that he can place.

Pupdate 10/10/19

Apache shinning like a star in front of the Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

Pupdate 10/11/19

CHIEF, APACHE, & LUNA having a pow wow in the back yard, while working on duration dow.