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Alfie | 1 Year Old | Vizsla Mix | | North Hollywood, CA | In Training |

Day of drop off

Alfie is Off leash SoCals newest member of our One week B&T program. Alfie has a lot of energy and can run laps around his owners all day. Alfie does not have any recall ability and often gets his owners frustrated. I have no doubt that with a lot of hard work and consistency this next week, Alfie can be a forever GOOD BOY.


Pupdate 01/27/2020


Pupdate 01/28/2020


PUPDATE 01/29/2020

Levi is learning how hold his sit on a place object.


Pupdate 01/30/2020

Getting some training in down at The Staples Center.


Pupdate 01/31/2020


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