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Alba | 3 Months Old | German Shepherd Mix | Venice, CA | In Training

Welcoming our newest Off Leash family member to our puppy board and train program. Alba will be spending 3 weeks with us learning some fundamental commands and building a solid foundation of obedience to build on as she matures. We are very excited to watch her progress!


Pupdate 08/17/2020

Alba is such a sweet girl. Wild puppy energy coming off strong from this one but that is totally okay! We are teaching her when and where play time is appropriate and when it's time to get to work practicing her commands. Very curious girl wants to smell everything and meet everyone we pass by. A little bit barky when first going into her crate but falls asleep quickly.


Pupdate 08/18/2020


Pupdate 08/19/2020

Alba is absolutely loving spending time around other pups. She loves to play so much that it can become a bit of a distraction for her so we are teaching her the difference between training time and play time. Only finished about half of her breakfast but ate the other two meals right up.


Pupdate 08/20/2020

Pool day! She actually likes the water if she has some encouragement from her friend Kylo!


Pupdate 08/21/2020


Pupdate 08/22/2020


Pupdate 08/23/2020

Tug of war in the house. Alba loves to play. It's very important to provide her with toys when she is in this mood and not use your hands as to not encourage biting of the hands.


Pupdate 08/24/2020

Working on indoor house manners today around Kylo as a distraction. She is always in the mood to play to it takes extreme focus to get her to do commands around him.


Pupdate 08/25/2020

Weighing in at 28.1 lbs this morning, Alba is growing at a healthy pace. Quick to munch down all three of her meals, the maze bowl helps slow the pace down. We practiced lots of heel today and she has improved drastically on cooling it with the leash pulling.


Pupdate 08/26/2020

Practicing place up on some higher objects today at the park! Showing off her confidence jumping up higher.


Pupdate 08/27/2020

Working on some food manners today. Teaching Alba that sitting and waiting calmly is the way to get her food rather than jumping all around barking and pawing at us. This is a great exercise for her and she is improving daily.


Pupdate 08/28/2020

Practicing the place command on more challenging objects.


Pupdate 08/29/2020

Working alongside her friends in training today practicing staying calm around other pups.


Pupdate 08/30/2020

Happy girl getting better at heeling a long side me without pulling. Compared to where she was at two weeks ago, we have made fantastic progress.


Pupdate 08/31/2020

Working on the heel command but turning the difficulty up a notch. Doing zig zag motions through the cones helping to teach her that she needs to stick to my hip and follow my lead the entire walk.


Pupdate 09/01/2020

Practicing the place command more this morning. Building distance away from her before giving her the release command "Break". Although she is certainly fighting off the urge to follow me, she is improving at holding the command longer and staying in place until released.


Pupdate 09/02/2020

Invading some personal space here while Alba does her business. We have been working hard on potty training! Keeping a solid routine, going out to the same spot to go potty at similar times. Setting her up for success by keeping her on track. No accidents in the house this week!


Pupdate 09/03/2020


Pupdate 09/04/2020

Weighing in at 29.8 she is just about to hit 30lbs! Definitely getting a little bigger everyday and munching all three of her meals down with speed and determination.


Pupdate 09/05/2020

Command practice early at the park.

Down is Albas kryptonite. She is so full of energy that asking her lay down typically takes quite a bit of patience. She eventually gets tired and will but it is quite the process to get this stubborn girl to lay down.


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