Oliver Dunn / Dog Trainer

Oliver was born and raised in Southern California. Her love for dogs started as a child, when her family rescued a small Chihuahua. Over the years Oliver helped raise a handful of dogs for family members, and started pet sitting as a teenager.


Oliver's passion for dog training started in 2017, right after being given a 3 month old puppy, Mort. She started teaching basic obedience, leash manners and advanced obedience with him, and then branched out freelancing in the surrounding communities when she realized there was a need. During that time, she taught basic obedience, and leash manners. 


After moving, Oliver took up dog walking, and realized she absolutely loved working with dogs. She wanted to help dogs live their best lives possible, through educating clients, and training. 


In 2019, Oliver joined the Off Leash team and trained at our head quarters. She lives for those wiggly tail wags, and loves seeing their lives transform through the freedom of obedience training. 

Oliver's Dogs

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