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Joey Madrid

Dog Trainer

AKC Evaluator
Member Professional Dog Trainers

K9 First Aid & CPR Certified

Joey Madrid is a native of California, born and raised in Orange County.  Joey grew up with dogs of all breeds: Chow Chows, Chihuahuas, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Whippets, German Shepherds, and Cattle Dogs.

Growing up Joey’s dogs were well mannered but lacked drive. Wanting a dog that could learn tricks and be like Lassie, Joey got into training when she got her first dog, Mercedes, an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Mercedes was the perfect beach buddy who loved to swim and practice Parkour. She was friendly, spunky and full of energy!

Joey decided to become a dog trainer after Mercedes was attacked by other dogs and developed anxiety.  Reading multiple books and participating in countless training classes in order to learn how to help Mercedes be a regular dog again. Joey took the knowledge she had gained and started helping people who were also struggling with keeping their dogs.

Joey came to realize that a lot of the problems people had with their dogs were broken down into simple solutions based on how people lived and managed their dogs. Joey has since been helping people train dogs for 5 years and also competes in dog sports like rally and herding. 

Joey's Dogs

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