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Jenny Clendenin
Dog Trainer
AKC Evaluator
Member Professional Dog Trainers Association

K9 First Aid & CPR Certified

Born and raised in Chicago, Jenny grew up with a variety of dogs. Ranging from a collie mix to a chocolate lab and a senior yorkie that Jenny had rescued after being abandoned. Jenny always has had a love and passion for helping animals. This prompted her to enter the Veterinary field as a Vet Assistant. Over the years she gained experience of learning how to handle a variety of breeds with different behaviors and temperaments. That is when Jenny realized how important dog training can be. She saw how much valuable it can add to the dogs and the pet parents’ lives. Trained dogs are happy dogs.
Fast forward, Jenny decided to take a break from the Veterinary field and become a professional dog walker. Jenny learned to walk up to 6 dogs at once! Through her dog walking experience, she learned how a dog's behavior differs when they are in a pack versus outside of a pack. When a dog has a good alpha leader, they are likely to feel safe and comfortable, not fearful. Jenny acted as the leader of her pack, and it definitely kept her on her toes! 
Jenny is a firm believer that all dogs are intelligent. They just need a sense of purpose. The best way to accomplish that is to provide them with training and help them learn new skills. Jenny aims to create a stronger bond and connection between you and your pup. Most importantly, for you both to enjoy your time together! She looks forward to working with your furry friend! 

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