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OffLeash SoCal Dog Trainer - Chris Ramirez

Chris Ramirez / Dog Trainer

Chris Ramirez, raised in Northern San Diego. I grew up in San Marcos not far from Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton. As a senior in high school, I came to realize I wanted to become a Marine. After being recruited and fast forwarding through 8 years being active duty, I’ve done 3 combat tours, 1 being in Iraq and 2 back to back in Afghanistan. During my last two deployments, I had the honor of training around Military Working Dogs. Getting to interact and work by side them, made me fall in love working with dogs. I got out of the Marine Corps honorably, 3 months after coming home from my last deployment. The quick transition from the strenuous deployment, to becoming a civilian wasn’t as easy as I thought. After being diagnosed with PTSD and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) that causes random uncontrolled tremors, my close friend that I deployed with introduced me to the idea of receiving a service dog.

I became a member with Sherris Wounded Warrior Pack that trained me for over a year with now who is my service dog, Korra. I got her from the organization at 6 months old. Getting the experienced with how to train my dog to be a very well-trained teammate really opened the door for me. After completing the training that took about 14 months, I wanted to stick around to help others and gain as much knowledge as I can so I can give back to those who have disabilities. It gave me the motivation and drive to help others how to train their dogs whether it was just a family dog or a working dog. Korra is now almost 4 years old and amazing to me in every way possible. She’s taught me a lot on understanding the responsibility of having such a partner like herself and how important it is to have a trained dog. Most of my experience comes from training her and helping others with their service dogs prior to joining OffLeash SoCal. 

I decided to become a full-time dog trainer when the opportunity was presented to me from OffLeash SoCal. Surrounding myself every day and training each dog, is such a rewarding feeling. Knowing that I can help whichever breed, the best I can to gain the mental confidence to be very obedient, especially while off leash.  What also keeps me motivated to do this is seeing the reaction from the owners/family when the dogs go back home. The owners not being so stressed out about having a dog chew up furniture, dig up holes in the yard, not barking at everything that goes by day and night, or jumping on everyone and running off every time it gets a chance to. It’s my pleasure to be the strongest foundation for possible training your beloved dog.



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