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Chris Louie

Dog Trainer
AKC Evaluator

Member Professional Dog Trainers Association

Growing up in Southern California his entire life, Chris Louie has always been a patriotic member of our community.  It was no surprise that after the September 11thattacks, Chris knew his calling and joined the United States Marine Corps. 

It was in the USMC that Chris developed a great sense of purpose for his fellow mankind.  While deployed in the Helmand River region in Afghanistan, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, Chris learned what it was like to be a member of a team, a family, that included canines.

Chris always had dogs growing up as a child in La Palma, CA, but the family pets paled in comparison to the highly trained canines of the USMC.  The bomb-detecting dogs that were deployed alongside Chris opened his eyes to the level of skill and training that goes into one of these elite weapons.  Chris was incredibly fortunate to be close friends with the handler and thus became close too with Saab, the company canine.

During the four years that Chris honorably served our country, he became obsessed with Saab and decided to dedicate his life to helping fellow dog lovers have a better working relationship with their loyal companions. 

Since returning from service, Chris has graduated from Off Leash K9 Training Academy at the top of his class.  Chris is furthering his education by attending classes and workshops dedicated to providing service animals for veterans.



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